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MUSINK 2009 by Ann
Kat Von D conceived the dream of a creating a tattoo, music, art and lifestyle festival she called MUSINK. After that dream was executed at its February 2008 debut in Orange County, Von D decided to turn the event into a traveling festival that now ...
Twinkle twinkle little star by Ann
Star tattoos hold several meanings depending on the type and style of the star. They could be a sign of aspiration and goals that you have set in your own life that hold significant meaning. The meaning of a star tattoos can also be dependent upon ...

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I have tried all of those creams I have to put on so much that it looks terrible better off with my birthmark
by Pearl - 1 week ago
as in the pic I have a port wine on rt. side of face can tattooing it cover it :shocked:
by Pearl - 3 weeks ago
I got mine covered with a tattoo. Couldn't be happier! The roses are open, so the colour shows through. I tried a couple different artists, just keep checking around until you find one ...
by Nicole - 9 months ago
Hi george i have loads cafe au lait marks. Recently i went to a tattoo parlour and had it three of my cafe au lait birthmarks (shoulder, arm, upper arm) tattooed , the artist said when the ...
by Gem - 9 months ago
I have a birthmark on the top side of my arm that's light red and really just looks like an amorphous blob. It's about 1 1/3 by 1 1/3 inches. It's never grown any and it's not elevated or ...
by Guest - 10 months ago
Hi their I have a birthmark on 99 percent of my body an I really wanna get a tattoo
by Guest - 10 months ago
Kathleen Where was your pws I have one on my nose and I will getting it covered by my tattoo artist on Friday what is the recovery time and how does it look
by Jennifer - 10 months ago

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