Looking for Feather Russell-Morse, tattoo artist...
I am seeking Feather Russell-Morse, a tattoo artist who used to have a studio in San Marcos, Texas. The studio was called 'Touch of a Feather'. I would like to contact her about doing a wolf piece
by Scott17
Artist recommendations wanted
B> What area are you in? If in the Bay Area I have the perfect person B> for you. ****that james guy. ****him straight to hell. lish 29.1% / 32
by woodcutter
Dallas Artist Recommendations???
Hi everyone.. I just moved to the Dallas Ft Worth Area and I need a new artist.. I am looking for someone who can draw and help design new original tattoos.. I am also desperatly seeking someone who ...
by man-from-mars
Studio in western North Carolina needs Artist(s) for New Location
Need experienced artist or 2 for the new location of Imperial Arts Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio - Shelby North Carolinas oldest shop is moving to a new location and is looking for talent. We are ...
by morg_dog
Miami artist
Can anyone recommend an artist or shop in Miami, Fl that does good tribal or celtic. Thank you.
by tierradelfuego
Looking for good tattoo Artist
can anyone help me find real good tattoo artist with good detail skills in the bay area or san jose,ca.
by Kclhmtguh
Austin artist recommendations?
Can anyone recommend a good tattooist in Austin? Thanks for any info.
by orionbad
I am looking for an artist in Seattle who specializes in Cel...
I am looking for an artist in Seattle who specializes in Celtic art. more specifically I'm looking to get a gnurly tree of life with the green man's face in the bark. Can anybody throw a ...
by Guest
Re: Can I Tattoo over my Port Wine stain?
I guess a tattoo wouldn't cost that much ;) Now seriously, I suppose you saw some of the results posted here or on the links given here. I think they look great. All you need to do is get a ...
by jade
thanks again. choosing an artist that you connect with and thats good is very important. when you go big you dont want any regrets. my illustrator is rich ives. he is considered one of the top tatt ...
by tattoofan
Re: Cover birthmark
it depends on the artist!!!!
by wew
Re: Café au lait spot tattoo cover up
... oo parlour and had it three of my cafe au lait birthmarks (shoulder, arm, upper arm) tattooed , the artist said when the birthmarks are flat they can tattoo over them. I ...
by Gem
Re: Personal Tattoo Art
... nt this.' If they say ok, you are in!! Note that some images are not suitable for tattooing. If one artist says they cannot do it, shop it around a bit. If many say no, you are probably out of luck. ...
by nulleq
Re: Permanent neck ring?
... is a thin band of metal welded around your neck, you don't need a jewelry designer. Why not ask an artist who works in metal? I would advise ...
by Pierre Tessier
Female tattoo artists in Seattle
I am looking for a female tattoo artist in the Tacoma Wa or Seattle Wa area. If anybody knows of an experienced lady who could help me please respond
by Kclhmtguh
Re: Lish approved?
I get my tats from Devotion Tattoo. My artist is Hooker (chad) and the other artist and as equally talented is Lance. I don't know if they have a sight. But you can check some of Hook's work at ...
by Shauno
Kathleen Where was your pws I have one on my nose and I will getting it cov...
Kathleen Where was your pws I have one on my nose and I will getting it covered by my tattoo artist on Friday what is the recovery time and how does it look
by Jennifer
Hi I have a Black/grey birthmark basically those dark ones one tattoo artis...
hi I have a Black/grey birthmark basically those dark ones one tattoo artist said he could and he started the initial outline of the tattoo tjen he didn't finish my tattoo the outline is visible but ...
by Guest
Re: Sun tattoo design
: to : > the artist and have them do themselves? This will be my first tattoo. Yes I agree with WyrdWoman, find an artist you like and give them an idea of what you are looking for. I found a Sun ...
by paulsonjack
Re: British Tattoo History Museum - Millennium Tattoo - 00.00hrs 2000
Paul Sayce curator of the British Tattoo History Museum is in New Zealand, planning on becoming the first Westerner to be tattooed in the New Millennium. Paul is on a tour of New Zealand and ...
by Scott2
Tattoo shop in Fl
Has anyone received a tattoo from a tattoo shop in SW Florda. I am looking for a good artist for my first tattoo. Thank you.
by skyeagle409
Re: Cosmetic Tattoos
... tch marks. I recently had a tat done on my stomach (it goes over one pretty good stretch mark). The artist said that when you are inking on top of ...
by wbsjets
Re: New tattoo
Does your artist charge extra for shaving your back? :) I like all your tattoos, BTW. ~*~*~*~*~*~ WyrdWoman
by dominykas
Re: Tattoo to cover dark birthmark on dark skin??
You can definitely get a tattoo to cover a dark birthmark. I did, my skin probably isn't as dark as yours, but the birthmark itself was pretty dark. Remember, always check with a dermatologist first ...
by Mar
Re: I have a light red birth mark under my mouth . can I get a t...
Basically, yes. A good tattoo artist can hide the mark. First you should check it with a doctor to see if it will be ok.
by jade
Re: I want to get a tattoo...of a birthmark. Just like a tiny br...
Ask a tattoo artist or a few. They will know exactly what to charge.
by jade
Re: Particular Birthmark
I don't think you can get the answer online. First check with a dermatologist if you can tattoo it at all. Then if your doctor approves, go to a tattoo artist and ask.
by jade
Re: Hi! i am looking for advice regarding tattooing a brown birt...
Sounds like you've got the theme you want. Now all you need to do is find a tattoo artist that you like his work and ask him to design a tattoo of this theme for you. I think this will be best ...
by jade
Tattoos still hurt...
SM> dragon on my right hip. I am so in love with it. It is so superior to m SM> dragonfly! I still am sure that Lish will find a way to slam Mike, but i have no problem complimenting work when it's ...
by Cosmic Osmo
Artists: Whos the Boss?
My experience with my custom tattos has been very positive. However, I have noticed a common inconsistency in various print media that I would love to see discussed. On one hand, many 'advice' ...
by Lagunas
Re: Labret
Any 'artist' (term used loosely here) who would tattoo an 8 year old and then in the same shop a 16 year old (on the genitals) needs to be hurt badly. Couldn't the 'artist' who tattooed a 16 year old ...
by Scott2
Tattoo supplies in Canada?
... Canada, preferably on the West Coast (but any info is appreciated)? I've got a friend who's been an artist for quite a few years, fell on some hard times (lost his shop) and is ...
by Chalz
Re: Piercing in Charlotte, NC?(also a delurk)
I'm sort of a lurker here, but I just had to make a comment. The health depatment in TN checks for a hell of a lot more than just having an autoclave and sterilzing needles. The checklist covers of ...
by Scott17
Re: Marking my man with a razor blade and India ink
... hat good stuff. I am not (nor have I ever played one on TV) a professional doctor, surgeon, tattoo artist, scarification guy. I don't reccomend that you listen to me, but here's my opinion: ...
by luanhak
Re: Help please!!!!
... do is to check with a dermatologist if you may tattoo on this mark. Then start looking for a tattoo artist that you like his/her work and ask them for ideas. They'd probably have lots of ...
by jade
Hi I have a Black/grey birthmark basically those dark ones one tattoo artis...
hi I have a Black/grey birthmark basically those dark ones one tattoo artist said he could and he started the initial outline of the tattoo tjen he didn't finish my tattoo the outline is visible but ...
by Guest
Female tattoo artists who does reworks and add ons
Does anyone know of a female tattoo artist based in Seattle that does reworks and add-ons to current pieces?
by k. comphel
Re: How do i improve on my drawing?i love tattoo and i want to b...
become a tattoo artist must have several qualities.
by duoge
Should tattoo artists do anything a client asks for?
Do you think a tattoo artist should do anything a client asks for? From one side, this is the client's body and he/she is free to tattoo whatever he/she wants but on the other hand I can think of a ...
by jade
Help with adding to design of not quite right tattoo.
Hey everyone. so i had this tattoo done the other week and the tattoo artist didn't get it quite right. i was hoping the blue would look less bold and more whispy and like wind. i was hoping someone ...
by Help with adding to ...

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