Barbell dilemma
... am experiencing *irritation* around the top of my almost-4-year-old tongue piercing...i have a 3/4' barbell in now, and i was wondering if putting in a longer barbell would help relieve the ...
by pidgey
Re: Skin Tube in Nipple Piercing
i have a barbell in and when i was cleaning it a tube started to come out, i took out the pericing and the tube followed and it bleed for a bit. but now it is better feeling than ever, there hasnt ...
by marthead
Re: Septum pinchers?
My circular barbell is working out very nicely. John bent it out a little bit so I could flip it up inside my nose, and it stays put once I flip it. As with
by Cosmic Osmo
Re: Unhealed nipple
I had my nipples pierced for almost 19 months and they never healed either. I had a rings not the barbell. even bought expensive gold jewlery cause i thouht that was the reason i wasn't healing i ...
by lee ann
Hi, Im new here. Questions regarding labret healing and nesting
First off, hi! Ok, here's my situation. I got a labret piercing done about two and a half weeks ago. After about a few days I noticed that the back of the labret stud was starting to grow over a bit, ...
by Cosmic Osmo
Re: Nipple BB straight or curved
The question you should ask yourself is what you are looking for in nipple jewelry(aesthitics, Play). Is this a healed piercing? Are you having problems? comfortable than the curve. If you are an ...
by Eleapt
Re: Jewelry for PA
a curved barbell would not get irritated so easily, however, it would be difficult to clean thoroughly, circular barbells are hell for any new piercing... sorry...
by banksideusa
Re: Hole in tongue
... t my piercing 3 weeks ago this thursday and i have the same problem a little white ridge around the barbell in the top of my tongue. yes i am a bit worry. but i don't feel the saliva running through. ...
by FigoXXX
San Fran piercing? Also, sad news.
Hi all. So I remember reading about somewhere to get pierced in San Francisco on BME. I remember being impressed, even. But with the demise of the search engine on BME, I am at a loss about where to ...
by Shauno
Piercing in Charlotte, NC?(also a delurk)
... piercing on BME and several other sites, I finally decided to get my septum pierced with a circular barbell. So, I tell my dad ...
by Scott17
i have a barbell in and when i was cleaning it a tube started to come out, i took out the pericing and the tube followed and it bleed for a bit. :blink: but now it is better feeling than ever, there ...
by marthead
F/S: When 00 Gauge isnt large enough!
I now have a limited supply of larger than 00 gauge rings - my PA has been 00 for three years, was somewhat stretched from the weight of the ring, but there was no place to go! I am importing a ...
by Chalz
How short is too short?
how can you tell if a tongue barbell is too short?
by wayne mansfield
Re: Septum problems
Meghan wrote i forget, how old is the piercing? if feasible, have him ( JOHN ) take the barbell out of at least 1 hole. put a taper thru the other hole. check to make sure the two holes haven't moved ...
by wayne mansfield
Re: Ear percing and motorcycle helmet
Well, yes, but not with brain damage. Yes, I do this, or sometimes with a bit of side to side inching/pulling down. First one ear, then the other... There's also some cursing involved. Ask y0n Steph. ...
by orionbad
*eyebrow ring*
I've had my eyebrow pierced for about 2 weeks (with a ring) and I really want to change it to a barbell. The girl who did my piercing said not to change it until 2 months. How 'dangerous' is it to ...
by Chalz

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