Café au lait spot tattoo cover up

Hi there.I m George,18 years and I have a café au lait spot(the size of baseball ball)on my tricep(arm).I have been having it since I was a baby but it got bigger.Can cover it with tattoo?I really hate it.I…..:/I went to a well known tattoo artist and he told me that he can completely cover it,but I need to see a dermatologist first.I went to see a doctor and he told me that he doesn’t suggest to cover it with tattoo,since it may get dangerous in the future and the ink of the tattoo will make it very difficult to see the changes in colour that shows the damage.The thing is I have this birthmark for 18 years with 0 sings of irritation,pain,colour change etc. EVER.I also did a laser test to see how it reacts but 0 result.Its the same….😋Has anyone here covered a café au lait spot(birthmark) with tattoo,to tell me if it reallyis dangerous?Thanks for all!

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Hi george i have loads cafe au lait marks. Recently i went to a tattoo parlour and had it three of my cafe au lait birthmarks (shoulder, arm, upper arm) tattooed , the artist said when the birthmarks are flat they can tattoo over them. I have several large cafe au birthmarks (also flat) on my back which i am having tattood on Monday the artist is doing me a large tattoo which will incorparate the birthmarks. I wonder how come the tattoo artist you went to said you had to go to a dermatologist. I dont know what to suggest to you george, they have camourflage make up which for some people can cover their birthmarks (it didnt work for me which is why i got the tats),

I would have suggested laser to you but as you saw yourself that doesn't work, because it didnt on me.

I understand why cant they do anything about cafe au lait marks.

I really dont know what else you can do love, I dont even know what i should fo myself thats why i had to resort to getting tattoos when i really dislike tattoos.

I understand exactly what your going through having these brown birthmarks is really depressing it really does ruin peoples life.

I really hope you find the answer youre looking for.

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