New hole in my face.
Hi all - I just had my nostril pierced. It looks good, didn't hurt much (less than my hood, more than my lobes...similar to the tragus, but the pain was over quicker). I wanted it on the left, to ...
Re: Can I Tattoo over my Port Wine stain?
I have port wine stains on my face as well but I dun know what to do because of I already did more than 30 times laser treatment , and the results made me so disappointed cz the port wine stain on my ...
by Diane Renard
Re: Cover birthmark
... ely on the color, size and location of the birthmark. Is it red, purplish, light brown, etc. Hands, face, back...... all of this determines what most people are willign to do to a birthmark Fill us. ...
by JohnFrancis
Re: Birthmark coverage
as in the pic I have a port wine on rt. side of face can tattooing it cover it :shocked:
by Pearl
Re: Daddy, whats that red stuff coming out of kittys ear??
I am a vegetarian, for what its worth and not to push it in anyone's face. Animal rights have to start somewhere, and cats and dogs seem the logical place to do it. When that battle's over, then we ...
by Lagunas
Re: Anatometal 3mm labret backs
That's right painful in the morning after being embedded while I sleep, and I don't like to touch my jewelry during the day. For me, once the embedding *starts*, I have to pop it out fairly ...
by laintal
Re: Crazed 13 y/o coal chamber fans on a piercing spree!
... y/o kids running around piercing themselves? 'You see I am a huge Coal Chamber Fan and I have a Dez face so I wanted my septum done. ' good thing he didn't have a 'charlie ...
by Filysagur
Re: Eyebrow ouchie-HELP!
yes, but the ball never stays hot. you have to keep re soaking it. I just stuck my **** face in the cup. >keith hates all products for this purpose except soap & I know. I've HEARD *fear* :o
by lakshnarayan
Re: Looking for clear labret retainers
... at 14 gauge - which makes it hard to be inconspicuous with a big whoppin' see- through hole in your face. The weed whacker wire is much more ...
by adtramadol
Re: Utter Weirdness
... ce I didn't scratch my tattoo, it wasn't affected. The redness later spread across my shoulders and face and didn't itch any ...
by Soundselectah
Re: Labret
... s won't let you do it, so how do you plan on hiding a labret from them? It's kind of, like, on your face and stuff. Do you think that if you get it done without their permission they will suddenly ...
by richard vinod
Re: Two New Piercings
yes, *green* latex gloves. i talked to chris last night. he said he uses both, you know, if someone has an allergy to latex. but the green gloves that to which i referred, are latex. he said that he ...
by Cosmic Osmo
Re: WWF is on topic for rab :)
keen - I'm intelligent :) I've only really gotten aware of pro-wrestling beyond the basic american history in the last 2 years - mostly because of the cactus jack / terry funk japanese matches. For a ...
by skyeagle409
I am looking for an artist in Seattle who specializes in Cel...
... izes in Celtic art. more specifically I'm looking to get a gnurly tree of life with the green man's face in the bark. Can anybody throw a recommendation my ...
by Guest
Re: Im eighteen finally!
Lines form on my face and my hands Lines form on the left and right I'm in the middle - the middle of life I'm a boy and I'm a man
by saintdark
Re: Artist recommendations wanted
B> Yeah, but now I know you, and I have a great girlfriend, so there. yes, i agree that it's a good thing we never met. besides, in regards to tamara... mmm, tamara. nothing more needs to be said ...
by lakshnarayan
Re: I caused another accident...
Guy in a big SUV in the right hand in. He keeps staring, and keeps going, and smashes into the little car in front of him.....Woo-hoo! My third one! ...Hay, you have a Delorian? Cool, can I have a ...
by JohnFrancis
Diving boards
i found this posted in soc.motss and couldn't resist passing it on. I am the very model of a Newsgroup personality. I intersperse obscenity with tedious banality. Addresses I have plenty of, both ...
Re: Ear percing and motorcycle helmet
... elmet-law states wear. This particular brain bucket has several advantages over the more usual full-face ...
by Pierre Tessier
Some People Are Just Crazy!
... himself that these are the kind of statements he wants to make it would be appropriate to stop and face the problem by something more than shouting it out to the ...
by Ann
Permanent Make Up
... are one trait... the tattoo gun. If you want to see how it would be like to actually tattoo your face check this video ...
by Ann

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