Re: Translation for Tattoo
... tools (which isn't exactly a serious translation) it says: J always in the heart of the family and friends. Mom lays down lol CRAN ...
by copper
Re: Body Piercing/Tattoos on Law and Order
KEITH MAYBURY What if you have tattoos and piercings?? It's all a function of mass vs coverage s(1)=steel in ounces s(2)= total skin area in sq inches W =total body weight in ounces T = total area ...
by mana
Twinkle twinkle little star
I have a good friend who has a star on his chest. He cannot tell me what it means, thought this might shed some light on it... I'm afraid it's just a trendy move.
by Tattoo Supplies Los ...
Getting a Tattoo in Fla
Hi my friend and I are going to Fla. on Vacation next week. We both want to get tattoos. Does anyone know of any good tattoo parlors in Fla. We are staying in Boca Raton, so I guess anything within ...
by richard vinod
Re: Getting an earlobe piercing to close?
A friend of mine tshowed me her old gunned ear holes today. She says they haven't closed over years, adn they look really ugly, like irregular and scarred - she's now gone back to wearing earrings ...
by Chalz
Re: Jim Rose in INDY
... well. Tho opener, Reveille, was pretty tight. When everyone flooded out to get beer after them, my friend Paul and I made our way to within 10 feet of the stage for JR. JR and crew were great, and ...
by dominykas
Re: Piercing/acupressu re, puncture
... lieve in, certain crystals are believed to have certain metaphysical effects. For example, I have a friend who got his madison pierced with a CBR with an amethyst bead.He said this was because he ...
by FigoXXX
Re: Hole in tongue
Hi, I recently, had my tongur pierced ,and experienced the same white ridging, arounf the hole, I called my piercer, who told me it was nothing to worry about, it's a scab. It's now gone (5 weeks ...
by JohnFrancis
Re: Labret
I think maybe the mother was a friend of the shop owner. Like I said, I am going to try to do some more investigating. If I knew who the mother was, I'd turn her sorry **** in to CPS immediately. I ...
by lakshnarayan
Tattoo supplies in Canada?
... tattoo suppliers in Canada, preferably on the West Coast (but any info is appreciated)? I've got a friend who's been an artist for quite a few years, fell on some hard times (lost his shop) and is ...
by Chalz
Re: Wanna be on the other end of it.
I know I was so dissappointed......'what you mean I have to WORK at this??????' to allot of people it just seems so kewl....they don't think about sitting around starving......or having to deal with ...
by mana
Re: Marking my man with a razor blade and India ink
ya-de-ya-de-ya, cutting, magik, all that good stuff. I am not (nor have I ever played one on TV) a professional doctor, surgeon, tattoo artist, scarification guy. I don't reccomend that you listen ...
by luanhak
Re: Austin Munch III --- This Time, Its Personal!
... a visible piercing (and is trying to think of a way to get our not-a RABbit-but-should-be pierciod friend to come with). ...
by Chalz
Question about tattos
... i , im new to the tatto scene and i never though about getting one untill i was older. but today my friend introduced me to this guy that is a piercer and tatto artist. he tattoed her and offered to ...
by Atko
Re: Opera aired today!?
Heheh... Bit O' Trivia: Oprah's mother named her after the little-known Biblical character 'Orpah,' but misspelled her name. I forgot which book she appears in, but it's in the ****Pentateuch if ...
by UGeminorum
Re: Austin artist recommendations?
I've been there twice but never got work done. The firs
by johnl285
Re: Mass ink
I believe she did my friend's tattoo of a horse's head on his lower back. It didn't come out that good, I think. He has since had it touched up and colored. I would strongly recommend going to Tattoo ...
by Kclhmtguh
... Sorry, I can be ignorantly rude sometimes. My name is Erick, and I've been slowly tattooing all my friends for the past ...
by Soundselectah
Delurk - Hello All.
... en I looked for the faq at I received our happy little friend the ...
by Skyglow
Re: Rec.arts.bodyart: Welcome Netiquette FAQ
A> Ok lish, why is it in the glossary, then? Actually, I have a good friend A> with a pierced uvula. Ummm. Yeah. i didn't say anything about the piercing not existing. there are plenty of photos on ...
by Kclhmtguh
Re: My poor immune system...
For what it's worth, a bio. anthro. friend of mine who's into mods. told me that fresh tat's and pierces DO compromise your immune system quite a bit, and once advised me to wait on a pierce until a ...
by luanhak
Munching, piercing, yknow ... whatever
... and Kevin were late because they got lost. Tharagor and Atalanta came a little later with a mutual friend of ours. We stopped at Forbidden Fruit to price ...
by man-from-mars
Re: Ear percing and motorcycle helmet
Obviously don't buy a bigger helmet. A too-big helmet will be no help. Either learn to put it on without hurting (sort of pulling it away from your head as you put it on) or use something like a ...
by skyeagle409
Re: Cool x-rays
I have a pretty nifty x-ray of my husbands implant (our vet friend did it) I will put it on my new and improved websight (maybe in about 6 months when i figure out how to use the program)
by wayne mansfield
Looking for symbol
Hi all, I have a friend who is wanting to get tattooed, but is looking for a symbol meaning 'Love'. Is anybody aware of any?
by nulleq

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