F/S: When 00 Gauge isnt large enough!
I now have a limited supply of larger than 00 gauge rings - my PA has been 00 for three years, was somewhat stretched from the weight of the ring, but there was no place to go! I am importing a ...
by Chalz
14 gauge piercings
I was wondering if I were to get my ears pierced with 14 gauge holes would the holes close up if I chose not to like them anymore? I got a feeling no, but worth asking, thanks* jedi*
by nulleq
Questions about Ear Piercing Stereotypes....
Hi. I finally did get my ears pierced. I got a 12 gauge, captive bead ring. One on each ear. It'll take 6-8 weeks to heal. Now I have some questiona about AFTER the healing period, and some CURRENT. ...
by calzatiotu
Re: Help finding 6g septum jewlery..
I've got some large gauge plugs for sale. All unused, unworn jewelry. 8-0 gauge UV acrylic plugs w/O-rings are $5.50. Look in the 'Stuff for huge holes' section at ...
by Cosmic Osmo
Jewelry for PA
...snip... I've noticed that when wearing the curved BB it tends to get dirty and smelly much faster than either the CBR or circBB. I'd say that cleaning a new piercing would be much easier with the ...
by Eleapt
Re: Repiercing
Heya I had a Bad Navel Experience myself about two years ago. The pierce turned out to have been done too shallow and just WOULD NOT HEAL, bugged the hell outta me, so I just took out the jewelry and ...
by kkawohl
Titanium barbells
I am looking for 16 gauge titanium curved barbells. Does anyone on this list know of a online store that carries them and where the price is not outrages? Thank you,
by Shauno
Re: Hey Barry!
fishdove sends: How big of a padlock do you want? If you're looking for a normal-size padlock and not some miniature one, go to one of those old-fashioned hardware stores and ask for a padlock with ...
by lakshnarayan
Re: Hole in tongue
Andy, I used Qtips to swab both ends of the hole as well as the balls of the stud to get that white flem out of there. Use listerine all the time especially after every meal. When washing my mouth ...
by nulleq
Re: Piercing/tattooing in SC
enolA sends: If you don't want to deal with the Georgia tat studios, take I-26 North to I-95, then I-95 North to Fayetteville, NC, and visit Bill Claydon's Tattoo World or Smokin' Guns Tattooing. ...
by calzatiotu
Re: Looking for clear labret retainers
Yeah, this is really the best solution, the clear labret retainers most companies sell start at 14 gauge - which makes it hard to be inconspicuous with a big whoppin' see- through hole in your face. ...
by adtramadol
Re: Pierced eyebrow post
... m not sure if this counts, but I think that mine's pretty interesting. It is double pierced; two 18 gauge SS CBRs close together. The innermost one has a foam-green fiber optic bead and the one on ...
by Scout
Re: Barbell dilemma
ok, here's the dilemma: i have a four-year-old tongue piercing that has recently developed some irritation around the top (right around the ball) i currently have a 3/4' barbell in, and i was ...
by adtramadol
Re: Sharing Jewellery
Hi there To the experts in little beasties, germs and things suchlike... To set the scene- Dearest has pierced nipples (done about 4 years ago) & variously wears 14Ga gold BB & chains, 14Ga SSS CBR ...
by wayne mansfield
Re: Two questions
MD> My second question is about my streached lobes. Right now I have 0 gauge MD> holes. I'm debating going to 00 but I'm not sure. I was wondering how much MD> bigger 00 is than 0. ga in mm 0 .324 ...
by Lam
Re: 2ga 00ga etc...
Some things to keep in mind with respect to gauges ... 1) the smaller the number, the smaller the size. 2) change in size from gauge to gauge is not uniform Some links to gauge charts. ...
by tierradelfuego
CBR tips...
Hey, I was wondering...does anyone have any tips for taking captives in and out? I have two 18 gauge rings in my eyebrow, and I'd really like to know how to change them. Any tips out there? Should I ...
by kkawohl
Munching, piercing, yknow ... whatever
We had our fourth Austin munch last night and it was mah-velous. Luke, David, and Kevin were late because they got lost. Tharagor and Atalanta came a little later with a mutual friend of ours. We ...
by man-from-mars
Lish-(stupid Q but need help)
I have looked many sites but what is the smallest gauge you can get an initial noes piercing done in- in a nostril screw.. And how 'visible' is it?? TIA
by richard vinod
I would value your opinions please
a> Question is after this long is it likely that i'll not get to a happy a> state? In your opinion what gauge are they? stretching may help; did for mine. lish 33.2% / 32
by mana

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