Great Way To Measure A Tattoo.

Allen found a great way to measure a tattoo, he hold up a ruler to the piece when he takes a picture of it. That’s it.

After transferring the images to his computer, he opens up Photoshop.
Create a new file (File > New). For a new document, he uses the Photoshop Preset: U.S. Paper. (Size - Letter) This creates a standard 8.5″ by 11″ sheet at a 300 dots per inch resolution.

Next, he opens the image he wants and drag it onto the new document. Making sure the rulers are showing (View - Rulers) he clicks on the ruler and drag/pull a guide down to the the upper line of the tattoo. And he drag another down to the bottom line of the tattoo.

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  • jennismortal:

    “Simple but adorable” is how I would describe the tape measure tattoo of cigarette sand-valentines. Every seamstress has one in her notions box, but how many have such a darling one on their skin? Just an ordinary yellow tape measure, tied in a bow and tattooed onto her leg. Perfect!

  • Tattoo Supplies Los Angeles: Seems like a very simple way to keep the size right. Thanks for sharing, this advice should help a few artists and those getting tattoos done.

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