Hi, Im new here. Questions regarding labret healing and nesting
First off, hi! Ok, here's my situation. I got a labret piercing done about two and a half weeks ago. After about a few days I noticed that the back of the labret stud was starting to grow over a bit, ...
by Cosmic Osmo
Re: Can I Tattoo over my Port Wine stain?
I had my port wine stain covered last year in 3 sittings - took about 8 hours. I tried a couple of different artists and love the result! The roses are open to let the colour of the birthmark show ...
by Nicole
Re: Skin Tube in Nipple Piercing
(snippies) Yes ... I was 4 months or so into my healing of a nipple when it did this. Well, not the swelling part, but the tube part. I was spinning it like I did every day in the shower and it ...
by adtramadol
Re: Unhealed nipple
Well, I don't know about a barbell vs. a ring being the culprit - provided the bar is long enough to allow for movement of the jewellery, there shouldn't be any difference. The fact that it isn't ...
by johndavies
Re: *eyebrow ring*
Well, it's not dangerous, but it's not very smart. The object of getting a piercing is to keep it for a long time, right? You want to keep it permanently, don't you? Changing it early is a great way ...
by 01101001
Re: Dry holes (piercing holes of course...)
I use moisturizer on fresh piercings. My skin is so dry that it really flips out if I don't use lotion. I just
by dh/dt
Re: HELP!Labret probs.
... a labret stud while it heals? i healed all of mine with rings...then put the flatbacks in once the healing was done...also solved the problem of the inner lip growing over the back of the stud....a ...
by ukmasterit
I just got a tattoo on my chest 2 days ago and im planning t...
... t a tattoo on my chest 2 days ago and im planning to work out tomorrow which will be the 3rd day of healing. if i wear a sana jacket (jacket that makes u sweat 3 times as much)will ...
by Guest
Questions about Ear Piercing Stereotypes....
... bead ring. One on each ear. It'll take 6-8 weeks to heal. Now I have some questiona about AFTER the healing period, and some CURRENT. current : 1) I obviously can't ...
by calzatiotu
Help finding 6g septum jewlery..
... t stretched my septum from 8 to 6 g last month...it is feeling fine, but im having a bit of trouble healing completly. Guess my problem is that i dont have a retainer, bullet, or plug of this size. I ...
by Alfonso Guillen
Re: First post first piercing
... en wondering what my next piercing or tat is going to be. It is very addictive. Good luck and happy ...
by nulleq
Jewelry for PA
...snip... I've noticed that when wearing the curved BB it tends to get dirty and smelly much faster than either the CBR or circBB. I'd say that cleaning a new piercing would be much easier with the ...
by Eleapt
Re: Double nip piercing
essie wrote 1) totally agree with the recommendation of obscurities. 2) i don't think that she should do both horizontal and vertical at the same sitting. i think it would be to much trauma to the ...
by Linda2
Re: Repiercing
Heya I had a Bad Navel Experience myself about two years ago. The pierce turned out to have been done too shallow and just WOULD NOT HEAL, bugged the hell outta me, so I just took out the jewelry and ...
by kkawohl
Re: Transdermal implants
OK, first of all, I'm happy to give advice, and it's always good to ask questions, but if you HAVE to ask questions, ALWAYS ask yourself if you're really able to do this procedure. No. It's not that ...
by pidgey
Re: First PA
and cause more tissue trauma. i dont think someone really wants to make sure his new pa is gonna be painful. its possible to do that, but youre much better off healing, then stretching. -Moth
by Lagunas
Re: ! New? Have questions? READ THIS FIRST!
... here. I. Body-art FAQs (frequently asked questions and answers) A. Piercing FAQ: info on procedure, healing, jewelry, ...
by sonofabaut
Eyebrow ouchie-HELP!
haveing had and rejected an eyebrow, and haveing read many posts on rab, like the dreaded bactine barrage disscussion of times past(aaiiiieee!), My only suggestion would be hot sea salt soaks. ...
by Cosmic Osmo
Re: Puffy cartilage
Its possible it is hypertrophic (sp?) scarring. Most of my cart pierces have done that. But, my body (awsome healing machine that it is) absorbs the extra tissue eventually.
by wayne mansfield
San Fran piercing? Also, sad news.
Hi all. So I remember reading about somewhere to get pierced in San Francisco on BME. I remember being impressed, even. But with the demise of the search engine on BME, I am at a loss about where to ...
by Shauno
Re: Thinking About Piercing My Tongue...Need info
... you'll get for not reading the FAQs . I posted a thread with a day-by-day account of the pierce and healing a while back. I think it was called Tongue Piercing, The Saga Begins... Check ...
by johndavies
Re: Help - Torn tissue?
Try MONTHS for the healing a new frenum . . . . and if I remember my anatomy and physiology correctly, an irritated piercing through the frenulum preaeputii would not be affected by reduced gastric ...
by dominykas
Re: Similar
Maybe there was still some blood or puss left from the initial piercing that was covered by the healing skin. I'm just guessing here, but it seems logical. Happy that all is OK now though :)
by copper
Re: Time between piercings
cleanliness is good. :) i think it's better to wait until you feel your body can handle something else to heal rather than waiting a specific amount of time (3 mo., 2 days, etc). think about whether ...
by dh/dt
Re: Too much of a good thing?
% Well, i'm finally getting more piercings...it's been 4 years since my last one % and i've decided to get a few while i have the funds for it. i'm talking to the % piercer and we've decided to ...
by calzatiotu
Web piercing
i did my first web piercing on sunday night, and was wondering if anyone out there has one or more or has done one or more... weird thing, and i think it was a foolish one to get but he really wanted ...
by Atko
Re: How short is too short?
... the piercing? I understand that more length in the barbell is necessary during the early stages of healing (to accommodate swelling), and you can downsize later. Is your tongue swollen against the ...
by globular
having a pa done on monday any advise on healing ring size rgards H
by Kclhmtguh
Re: Septum problems
Don't you have one big barbell in there? Why don't you try healing it with rings or two small barbells?
by Gasman
Ear percing and motorcycle helmet
... ing my motorcycle helmet without pain when putting it on or taking it off as well as prolonging the healing. I ...
by Cosmic Osmo
Re: Venom or Viper
j> I want to get a venom or viper. I've seen both names used for what looks j> like the same piercing, is that right? Also I was wondering how long do 'two off-center tongue piercings' works too. it ...
by Lam
Re: Lish-(stupid Q but need help)
Wtd> I have looked many sites but what is the smallest gauge you can Wtd> get an initial noes piercing done in- in a nostril screw.. And how Wtd> 'visible' is it?? uh, you can get it done at 20ga if ...
by skyeagle409
Re: I would value your opinions please
(snipped stuff about nipples with problems to get to what I think might be the root of the problem) Try leaving them alone for a couple of weeks. Rinse them with water when you take a shower. And ...
by richard vinod
Re: Luis rocks my socks
me> i'll be sending pics to bme & luis's own online portfolio as soon me> as the scabs fall. ok. i have photos. three of them - a fresh-&-bloody pic, a bloody ...
by orionbad

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