New hole in my face.
Hi all - I just had my nostril pierced. It looks good, didn't hurt much (less than my hood, more than my lobes...similar to the tragus, but the pain was over quicker). I wanted it on the left, to ...
Hole in tongue
hello all. extreme newbie here, but i can't find the answer in the faq so i'm skipping the lurking phase and jumping right in i got my tongue pierced two weeks ago and there's still kinda a white ...
by Eleapt
Re: Self-done Hafada
welcome to the club-house:) have a cookie. certain feeling of personal accomplishment, isn't there? even if it is your day job:) isn't that annoying? a spot looks just right when you're standing, ...
by banksideusa
Re: Dry holes (piercing holes of course...)
I don't use anything to 'heal' piercings other than daily washing with soap and saline soaks. When I had my nostril pierced a year ago,
by wbsjets
Anatometal 3mm labret backs
I'm now the proud wearer of an Anatometal labret with a 3mm back. These things are fantastic! The back is small enough that it tucks itself into the hole, avoiding any contact with teeth or gums. OH
by ukmasterit
Trepannation in the news
Hi, Not a lot of depth to the article http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000222/od/fatigue_1.html I wonder who the camera crew was and when we'll see it on TV ;-) Since Yahoo! removes articles after a ...
by Kclhmtguh
Re: Nipple piercing
Body Rites Austin, see http://www.bodyritesaustin.com Forbidden Fruit, Austin, Tx http://www.forbiddenfruit.com Glory Hole, Austin, Tx Obscurities, Dallas, Tx (Steve Joyner) Sacred Heart Studio, ...
by Lam
Re: My old ear piercings hurt
Flufnstuf819 sends: I've noticed that when I leave an ear hole empty for a while then put an earring back in it, it'll hurt for a little while
by Chalz
Re: First post first piercing
It's entirely possible, since that page doesn't exist anymore. The RABbit hole is at http://www.rabbithole.org, I believe. Where did you find that link? Is it still in the Welcome FAQ? If so, I'll ...
by laintal
Trepanation on 20/20 Downtown
I wanna drill a hole in my Eric, I have a variable speed Dremel mototool, with many heads, including a couple of router bits, we could drill the hole the rout out your initials or something.
by orionbad
What the hell???
you shouldnt have stuck a hole in yourself if you dont know how to take care of it. how do you sterlize something twice, do you have an autoclave in your kitchen?
by skyeagle409
Re: 14 gauge piercings
YMMV, of course, but in the process of stretching my lobes, I noticed that a second hole in my left lobe had never closed over. It had been at least 9 years since I last had jewelry in it, a stud, at ...
by kkawohl
Re: Piercing in Austin, Tx
Forbidden Fruit (the best, just ask meghan!) Glory Hole Body Rites
by Scott17
Re: ! New? Have questions? READ THIS FIRST!
Welcome to rec.arts.bodyart. If you are new or have questions, please visit these sites BEFORE you post your question here. I. Body-art FAQs (frequently asked questions and answers) A. Piercing FAQ: ...
by dezirina
Re: Looking for clear labret retainers
... s sell start at 14 gauge - which makes it hard to be inconspicuous with a big whoppin' see- through hole in your face. The weed whacker wire is much more ...
by adtramadol
Re: Tongue infection?
: > : >Be more specific. Is this puss or is this just a white ring of kind of hard : >stuff arount the hole? : Actually its both The white ring is normal. How much puss is coming out?
by Eleapt
Re: Austin munch. does *anyone* know whats going on?
man i'd been wonderin what hole you'd disappeared into. if you hadn't noticed david and i have hijacked the munch thanx a bunch
Puffy cartilage
pierced the cartilage in my left eat about 2 years ago with a gun (ekk, i dident know then ) and as many things do, it got infected. Got it clean and after several other bouts with inflammation and ...
by UGeminorum
Punched in the ear
I reclaimed my old helix piercing and at the same time rid myself of the ugly bump that the old (gunned) piercing had left. With the aid of a 3 mm (almost 8 ga) dermal punch, I produced a cute little ...
by luanhak
Re: New Pierce Good/Old Pierce Bad
... it last month when I got the right one repierced, and it's been giving me more trouble than the new hole. And this cold weather isn't making it feel any better... Good luck! ...
by orionbad
Re: Piercing in Charlotte, NC?(also a delurk)
As far as I know the local Health Department only checks for an autoclave and needle sterilization. I would assume that there would be some sterile places that opt not to be inspected because it ...
by atomant 496
Re: CBR tips...
A little story about removing captive beads... One time, I was removing the beads out of my 14ga tragus rings. Over a sink. And yes, I pulled the plunger so that if it fell in the sink it wouldn't go ...
by orionbad
Re: Tattoos on TV
T> I don't know if it's going to be repeated - i just saw a T> little bit of it with an interview with Suzanne Fauser (did T> i spell that right?)... you did, & this is a repeat. (obviously, as ...
by globular
Re: Septum problems
... forget, how old is the piercing? if feasible, have him ( JOHN ) take the barbell out of at least 1 hole. put a taper thru the other hole. check to make sure the two holes haven't moved out of ...
by wayne mansfield
Hey I did it!
I listened to most of you that getting a navel piercing wouldn't hurt. I hardly hurt at all. So I got it done with a 16gage cbr. Thanks for all the help guys. The pain factor is what was making me ...
Re: Luis rocks my socks
... have photos. three of them - a fresh-&-bloody pic, a bloody i-just-tore-the-damned-gauze-out-of-the-hole pic, & a cleaned up ...
by orionbad

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