Revolution body jewelry
i had them send me a sample. they sent a 14ga 1/2' cbr. it's gorgeous. scratchless. all that good stuff. perfect sizing. & it's soft enough (is that annealed or unannealed? i can never remember) that ...
by Eleapt
Body Jewelry and Glow Sticks
What do body jewelry, glow sticks, and investments have in common? Sounds like a childish joke, but for our company it has become the spring board to success. The company, Locitos (pronounced ...
by dacc00
Blinking Body Jewelry
I have seen people talk about these funky things but have not been able to locate any. If anyone has any info, on the web or elsewhere, on blinking body jewelry of any kind please let me know. Thanks
by srayn372
Jewelry for PA
...snip... I've noticed that when wearing the curved BB it tends to get dirty and smelly much faster than either the CBR or circBB. I'd say that cleaning a new piercing would be much easier with the ...
by Eleapt
Re: Self-done Hafada
Well, I just joined the recent self-done hafada group. Tonight I did 2, 10ga **** piercings on my self. I've had a lorum (pierced at 12ga, stretched to 6ga at this point) for about 4 years. In the ...
by globular
Re: Dry holes (piercing holes of course...)
No, but I know where to look it up ;). 'Healing time was significantly decreased for wounds caused by intermediate exposure of ...
by tierradelfuego
Re: Septum pinchers?
My circular barbell is working out very nicely. John bent it out a little bit so I could flip it up inside my nose, and it stays put once I flip it. As with
by Cosmic Osmo
Permanent neck ring?
hello, I'm looking for info on permanent neck rings, i.e. a thin band of metal welded around the neck. The inquiries I've made so far (mainly at piercing/tattoo shops) have been met only with strange ...
by Steve_crash
Re: Self hood piercing?
Do search on internet for jewelry. Some of these shops sell piercing instruments and niddles. Good place to start would be : Read FAQ, find as much info as ...
by richard vinod
Re: Barry Blanchard of Anatometal The Back Stabber
What do I think? I think that even though you apologized and have acknowledged your mistake, this was one of the most pathetic attempts to personally attack someone I have ever seen. What did you ...
by orionbad
Re: Getting a Tattoo in Fla
... waves hand wildly!! of course YOU'RE interested. f> i am your approved piercers and jewelry suppliers as i don't have approved piercers or supplies, just UNapproved ones. if you're ...
by Atko
Re: Anatometal 3mm labret backs
... hat's right painful in the morning after being embedded while I sleep, and I don't like to touch my jewelry during the day. For me, once the embedding *starts*, I have to pop it out fairly frequently ...
by laintal
Re: Getting an earlobe piercing to close?
LM> Yeah; they're not very noticeable. It's just that I no longer wear LM> earrings, and don't see the point of having holes in my ears anymore. LM> would one abrade the holes on the inside, anyway? ...
by atomant 496
Re: Nipple BB straight or curved
SS> wondering if people find the straight BB's comfortable in the nipple pie SS> or if most prefer curved.. SS> am thinking of putting in a BB but don't want to buy both. my nipples were pretty ...
by calzatiotu
Tygon Bar in Venus Piercing
... particular thing with chris kane, and he said that he hadn't seen any rejections with this type of jewelry and only one bad reaction to it. apparently because ...
by FigoXXX
Re: Help finding 6g septum jewlery..
... tuff is going to make your piercings explode in a fury of little black shards of horribly dangerous ...
by wbsjets
Re: New hole in my face.
S> Anyone had any experience using LITHA on a nostril piercing? Intuitively S> seems like a bad idea, but I'm happy to be corrected. Perhaps LIMA with j S> salt water rinses? i healed my second ...
by Gasman
Re: Repiercing
... ave been done too shallow and just WOULD NOT HEAL, bugged the hell outta me, so I just took out the jewelry and decided to have it re-done once the ...
by kkawohl
Re: Female nipple piercing
no problems here...but i advise taking the jewelry out so as to not make life difficult for the child.
by Gasman
Re: Tongue Piercings
Not to be a stick in the mud, but I did not see a list of 'implant grade jewelry manufacturers' on Shannons page. Shannon: can you update our link? We do sell direct retail.
by Lagunas
Re: Transdermal implants
OK, first of all, I'm happy to give advice, and it's always good to ask questions, but if you HAVE to ask questions, ALWAYS ask yourself if you're really able to do this procedure. No. It's not that ...
by pidgey
Re: Titanium barbells
Though I'm not a piercer and no judge of jewelry, I must say that I've noticed that Industrial Strength has switched over to all internally threaded 16 guages, too. Don't know about the titanium, ...
by Scott17
Re: First PA
Sure. You can even get pierced at 10ga and have it stretched to 8ga to insert the jewelry, it'll bleed less than getting it pierced at 8ga but it'll hurt more. Just make sure your 8ga CBR is clean ...
by waylowrider
Re: On having surgery...
1. The tongue jewelry will have to come out as it will cause real problems if you are having a general anesthetic - an endotracheal tube and/or airway will be inserted in your mouth and will probably ...
by kkawohl
Re: HELP!Labret probs.
I'll try to be helpful first, then I'll rant a bit... It sounds like, as Lish mentioned, putting a 3mm disk on the labret stud may be your only option. However, I see a couple of downside to this for ...
by ukmasterit
Re: 14 gauge piercings
... a second hole in my left lobe had never closed over. It had been at least 9 years since I last had jewelry in it, a stud, at that. I was able to pop in a spare 14g ...
by kkawohl
Re: Hole in tongue
Andy, I used Qtips to swab both ends of the hole as well as the balls of the stud to get that white flem out of there. Use listerine all the time especially after every meal. When washing my mouth ...
by nulleq
Re: ! New? Have questions? READ THIS FIRST!
... Body-art FAQs (frequently asked questions and answers) A. Piercing FAQ: info on procedure, healing, jewelry, ...
by dezirina
Re: Piercing/tattooing in SC
: Any help appreciated, thanks! : enolA We were very impressed with Planet 3 in Savannah, Georgia. The piercer we talked was very knowledgeable, made us feel very at ease, the piercing room was well ...
by Kclhmtguh
Re: 2ga earlets for sale
... gh bidder are frequent posters. lots of stuff, as well as individual random items and occasionally 'jewelry-making kits.' I'm pretty convinced that this person must be ...
by Pierre Tessier
Re: Looking for clear labret retainers
m> You, a roll of wheed whacker in the same ga. of your jewelry and someth m> like a lighter and a flat surface to warm then tamp down the end of it. or, if it's 16ga or 14ga, i can make a couple for ...
by dacc00
Re: Pierced eyebrow post
The weirdest eyebrow jewelry I saw was from Flesh, Inc. The URL of it is if anyone is
by srayn372
Re: Barbell dilemma
...i have a 3/4' barbell in now, and i was try getting a piece of jewelry that fits your tongue appropriately. bigger and longer may certainly be delish when it comes to many things, but with ...
by atomant 496
Re: Puffy cartilage
I have seen something similar once - a cart piercing which was done using silver jewelry. The jewelry was almost immovable, fixed in an abnormal collar of tissue, and black with silver oxide. ...
by Steve_crash
Re: Pregnancy questions
... you unable to breast feed. Nipples are porous, so the milk will find a way out. Definitely take the jewelry out to nurse. I don't know if you were considering otherwise, but don't ...
by JohnFrancis
Re: Help - Torn tissue?
keep jewelry in,it will heal ok.FRENUM VERY LOOSE SKIN NOT PRONE TO BUMPS AN KELOIDS sorry for time go for PA it stretches natural and moves in line causin g less irrritation
by Alfonso Guillen
Re: Too much of a good thing?
% Well, i'm finally getting more's been 4 years since my last one % and i've decided to get a few while i have the funds for it. i'm talking to the % piercer and we've decided to ...
by calzatiotu
Re: Cleveland munch saturday
I cannot afford to get poked, so I won't be making an appointment. However, I have that piece of jewelry there waiting for me that's already paid for, and I will want to see everyone and hang out, so ...
by orionbad
Re: Happy Holidays! mean Feliz Navidad... Dontcha? didn't y'all move to Mexico to start a super cheap jewelry production plan........ err. That was someone else :)~ Happy Xmas. shawn.spc *'Is that a ...
by paulsonjack
Re: 2ga 00ga etc...
it's the thickness (gauge) of the jewelry.
by Filysagur

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