Lish approved?
Hey guys / girls. I really enjoy your group. Seems like alot o fun. I wanted to ask... Who are the 'lish' approved artists in cental FL... O-town to be exact? Just wanna see if mine is in the group. ...
by dominykas
Whats your surname, lish?
I wanted to find out your WuName, but I have to enter your last name. Someone posted this link to rmt-a, and I couldn't wait to try it out on you: ...
by man-from-mars
Lish-(stupid Q but need help)
I have looked many sites but what is the smallest gauge you can get an initial noes piercing done in- in a nostril screw.. And how 'visible' is it?? TIA
by richard vinod
Lish iz meen 2 me =(
p> is she, a typing teacher? I HATE LIFELIKE DOWN WITH LIFELIKE. she said tha oh, lauren. this doesn't really count for my 'name in a topic' status, you know. it's too contrived. but goshdarnit, ...
Re: Cover birthmark
... ogist. you're not going to get a satisfactory & *safe* answer from RAB, especially without a photo. lish ...
by Eleapt
Re: HELP!Labret probs.
K> i put vaseline on mine you are an idiot. lish 33.2% / 32
by laintal
Re: Cory Kruger
K> Just wondering if anyone knows where he is working now. I heard he opened a K> shop in Portsmouth NH. Does anyone happen know the name and number? i don't know, but he's on my approved list. so if ...
by morg_dog
Re: Emergency piercing reccommedation (NJ or PA)
KC> I know a place in Levittown Pa, right outside philly. Good shop if that is KC> you need. there's nothing good in levittown, pa. lish 33.2% / 32
by Skyglow
Re: Getting a Tattoo in Fla
B P> Lish, have you considered putting your 'approved' list up on the Web B P> somewhere, or posting the entire thing once a month or something? if i ever find a good host for my tattoo webpage, ...
by woodcutter
Re: Swollen nipple
rc> I am a male with a nipple piercing about 18 months old. Recently it rc> became swollen and sore to the touch. I began antibiotics about a week rc> ago for another problem. Any ideas? Whats the ...
by chanderdevgun
Re: Anatometal 3mm labret backs
people actually kiss you? 1 2 3 4 5 lines. five. lish, you out there?
by Kclhmtguh
KT> I am both frightened and made moist by that thought . . . just the way i like my men - aroused & scared. lish 29.1% / 32
by Eleapt
Re: Sun tattoo design
m> You may want to consider Nick Wiggins, Mark of Cain, just down Green St m> (the 500E block?) past Neil. m> Lish, your cue :) i'm already on it. btw, ...& that's badly ...
by luanhak
Re: Getting an earlobe piercing to close?
LM> I've had my earlobes pierced for a long time. I don't wear earrings LM> anymore, and I hate the idea that I still have the holes. Is there LM> something I could do to get them to close? I haven't ...
by JohnFrancis
Re: Nipple piercing
GM K> Does anybody know (and can recommend) a good place to get nipple pierci HOW ABOUT IN YOUR NIPPLE? HA HA HA! it'd help if you'd post your friggin' location, lightbulb. lish 33.2% / 32
by man-from-mars
Re: Nipple BB straight or curved
SS> wondering if people find the straight BB's comfortable in the nipple pie SS> or if most prefer curved.. SS> am thinking of putting in a BB but don't want to buy both. my nipples were pretty ...
by calzatiotu
Re: Help finding 6g septum jewlery..
K> taperd CBR cuts into my nose...and that is making healing really slow.ANy K> know where i can get a septum bullet, or retainer or plug for less than K> or so?? 6ga is 4.111mm. a number 6 knitting ...
by pidgey
Re: New hole in my face.
S> Anyone had any experience using LITHA on a nostril piercing? Intuitively S> seems like a bad idea, but I'm happy to be corrected. Perhaps LIMA with j S> salt water rinses? i healed my second ...
by Gasman
Re: Tongue Piercings
J> I have heard that the metal can rub off into your blood stream and get i J> your brain and **** you up. Is this true??? absolutely true. it's also absolutely true that you're a gullible ****. ...
by Shauno
Re: Tattoo shop in Fl
A> Has anyone received a tattoo from a tattoo shop in SW Florda. I am looking A> a good artist for my first tattoo. Thank you. i haven't been tattooed there, but i must throw out a recommendation for ...
by dacc00
Re: New tattoo
S> OOOOOHHHHHH NNNNOOOOOOO!!! LOL Ok.... this is getting ridiculous.... I f S> this just after I had mine outlined..... S> ok. yours is WAY ...
by Pierre
Re: I need some help.
B> The problem is that I cannot get my puter to ident. B> Yes the ident box is checked. B> Does anyone know of a server that does not request ident? check : servers. otherwise, ...
by banksideusa
Re: Piercing/acupressu re, puncture
R> has anyone here ever looked into (or heard of anyone looking into) how R> placement of piercings might have an affect on the body/mind in a way R> similar to acupressure or puncture? stretching my ...
by ukmasterit
Re: Hey Barry!
So what do you think? Barry, Myself, Tamara, and Lish.....oooohhhhaaaa....bring the cameras! ooh...Barry wearing Custom Steel stuff....I like that.
by Scott17
Re: Asking the group for advice (uh oh)
SL/B> And yes, I know it doesn't work on a text-only browser... But hey, the SL/B> picture galleries! but text-only browsers can route pictures through zgv. if you fix bme so java is necessary, ...
by mana
Tattoos still hurt...
SM> dragon on my right hip. I am so in love with it. It is so superior to m SM> dragonfly! I still am sure that Lish will find a way to slam Mike, but i have no problem complimenting work when it's ...
by Cosmic Osmo
Re: Eyebrow ouchie-HELP!
D> 8 ounces of hot water. though a bit of a pain in the **** and difficult D> to do without spilling all over yourself, fill a cup and immerse the you can also half-soak a cotton ball. it's then ...
by sonofabaut
Re: Looking for clear labret retainers
... warm then tamp down the end of it. or, if it's 16ga or 14ga, i can make a couple for you. email me. lish 29.1% / ...
by dacc00
Re: Barry
Aaaah how cute, he took their teasing to heart. That's so touching. melou '**** people, existing all over the place. i wish they'd quit that.' -lish 11/29/99
by Atko
Re: Revolution body jewelry
WI B> You can 'Kneel' on annealed to bend it :) but i'll remember that to mean i have to kneel on it because it's so hard to bend. which isn't right. guh. lish 33.2% / 32
by Soundselectah
Re: Pregnancy questions
a> And I was _so_ hoping you'd do the DON'T BREED thing again. guh. isn't it a given at this point? lish 29.1% / 32
by IMO
S> i have been wanting my tongue pierced for 6 years i don't believe you. lish 33.2% / 32
by dh/dt
Sharing Jewellery
I thought Iso. alcohol didnt really kill many things. I think Lish recommended 1:10 bleach (and washing off before insertion) as the most useful household cleaner. Yeah, theyre married, but for ...
by wayne mansfield
Re: Something thats been bugging me
we should do some other awards.... RAB Martyr: Rebbeca RAB motherly figure : Heidi RAB fatherly figure : Ray RAB Medic : Nina Rab **** : Lish and so on and so on.... any suggestions?
by lakshnarayan
Re: Delurk and black light tattoo question...
LP> Saving the mid-stream parts for your own sterile purposes I would hope. i dunno about that, when this just occurred: * raven- eats asparagus! lish 29.1% / 32
by woodcutter
Re: Artist recommendations wanted
SC> I was talking about James you're disgusting. lish 29.9% / 32
by Filysagur
Re: Boyfriends tattoo appears to be corroding!?
D> Yes I'm a naughty boy/man but I didn't pick the scabs. I'm curious to D> know what else may have caused it. There was one occasion when I have you even been back to see the tattooist? in lieu of ...
by FigoXXX
Re: People who want Tattoos
we only say this about 3 zillion times a day, it gets posted in the auto-faq a few times a week, lish **** off some moron at least every other day for giving this answer. and you had to start a ...
by kkawohl
Re: Two questions
... I'm not sure. I was wondering how much MD> bigger 00 is than 0. ga in mm <phone> .364 9.246 lish 29.1% / ...
by Lam
Re: Diving boards
... punk you hate? i'd just like to point out that 'punctuate' & 'punk you hate' is a very cute rhyme. lish ...

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