Re: Skin Tube in Nipple Piercing
Nice one. I give it a soap clean every night and spin the ring with the soap.
by GlenShane
Two Men Removed What They Thought Might Be A Nazy Tattoo With Scissors
... ey claim were Nazi symbols tattoos on another man in Sweden. They attacked him in his apartment at night when he was really drunk and cut off his tattoos with scissors. That must have been painful ...
by Ann
Self-done Hafada
Well, friday night i did my own hafada. It looked great and i did it fully sanitarily (is that a real word?), as well as following proper aftercare procedures. Unfortunately it started to become ...
by chanderdevgun
Re: Dry holes (piercing holes of course...)
I never heard that about vitamin E but it could be true ... I gave it a try last night and it seemed to help. I'll see over time how it goes. But it's also nice to know that someone can put ...
by adtramadol
Re: Nipple pierced
Try any dark alley late at night.
by man-from-mars
Re: Whats your surname, lish?
yes, I went there and tried it... I thought it might be somehow related to each name, because Stacy Anderson = Victorian Cow Adelheid Anderson = Dizzy Cow however, both Heidi Marie and Delphyne ...
by Lagunas
Re: Trepannation in the news
% I wonder who the camera crew was and when we'll see it on TV ;-) Actually, the other night, I was in my hotel room, and flipping around on the TV, and I heard 'Next on FrontNightDateLine20/20 (or ...
by Pierre Tessier
Florida Tattoo, first
... me. After visiting many shopps and looking at thousands of pics, I finally got my first tattoo last night (Nov23) from Derek at Ft Myers Beach Tattoo. ...
by Linda2
Re: Tongue Piercings
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I've been having a **** night. Thanks for making me feel better. And yes, it's ABSOLUTELY true.
by orionbad
Re: What the hell???
I did some thinking last night, and coupled with the comments everyone left, I decided to take it out. I'm going to have a pro do it. I have a tendency to do things I regret, and I am not about to ...
by chanderdevgun
Re: Piercing in Austin, Tx
Y'know, I just heard another Crimson Dragon horror story last night! well, 'horror' might be a tad strong, but it added to the AVOID CRIMSON DRAGON list. An acquaintance got a tattoo there, and WHILE ...
by calzatiotu
Re: Tattoos still hurt...
The night's still young...I think I'll go relax on the toilet with a pillow and blanket now. ~*~*~*~*~*~ WyrdWoman
by saintdark
Utter Weirdness
I developed some sort of incredibly severe allergic reaction on Wednesday night, so my skin has been getting progressively puffy and pink over the past couple of days. Every inch of my body except my ...
by UGeminorum
Re: Hood Peircing ?? HELP...
My Fiancee has hers done and has had it for about a year now, she dances part time and the night after she had it done she was on stage doing pole tricks and considering she whines constantly when I ...
by adtramadol
Re: Two New Piercings
yes, *green* latex gloves. i talked to chris last night. he said he uses both, you know, if someone has an allergy to latex. but the green gloves that to which i referred, are latex. he said that he ...
by Cosmic Osmo
Cleveland munch saturday
hey RABbits, don't forget the Cleveland munch Saturday, Dec 11 (this weekend!), 8:30 pm Maria's, 11822 Detroit Ave. in Lakewood. I need to know if there are any more potential attendees so I know how ...
by nulleq
Two questions
Hey everybody. My first question is about an industrial I recently got. It's been about two weeks since I got it done, I've been doing everything it said on the piercing aftercare sheet, hence I've ...
by nulleq
Re: Ack!
hmmph. if i had sat up all night getting rubbed and cuddled, i'd call myself lucky. oh wait. i did. i'm lucky }:). peace
by dezirina
Re: Please Help me decide: Pierce or not!
Thanks lish....and RAB..... I took your advice and brought it up last night at an appropriate time.....and you guys were right....she didn't freak. Her comment was 'I think I married a boy who will ...
by tierradelfuego
Web piercing
i did my first web piercing on sunday night, and was wondering if anyone out there has one or more or has done one or more... weird thing, and i think it was a foolish one to get but he really wanted ...
by Atko
My newest mod
... op' and the sensation of intensely hot metal upon virgin skin.  Yes, I got my second branding last night.  It was an experience that will never be forgotten.  It's ...
by srayn372
Help:Drifting tattoo
I got a tattoo of a magician on my right shoulder last night. When I awoke it was on my LEFT shoulder! What should I do? TC
by Atko
My poor immune system...
I feel for ya on this one! I just got my labrum and scrumper done yesterday evening. I woke up this morning with a _raging_ chest cold, which I didn't have when I went to bed last night...
by wayne mansfield
Munching, piercing, yknow ... whatever
We had our fourth Austin munch last night and it was mah-velous. Luke, David, and Kevin were late because they got lost. Tharagor and Atalanta came a little later with a mutual friend of ours. We ...
by man-from-mars
Re: SETI update 1-8-00
Or running them night and day on the landlord's utility dime :)
by richard vinod

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