Skin Tube in Nipple Piercing
Allright, I have a slight problem. Had a pair of nipple rings for about 9 months now. Seems like every month or so they begin to behave themselves and look like they're nearly healed. And then ...
by Atko
Unhealed nipple
Hi. I had my nipple pierced over a year ago and it still hasn't healed properly. The piercing wasn't a total success as it isn't straight. I had a bar put in it rather than a ring and one side is ...
by Scott17
Go to hell. Go directly to hell. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.
Nipple piercing
Hi. Does anybody know (and can recommend) a good place to get nipple piercing? I have a place where I got a few tattoos, but I don't know if they can do piercing, or at least as good as a piercing ...
by orionbad
Loveline nipple experience it when he was 18, had it ripped out a couple of months later or so, and can still squeeze puss out of the nipple two years later. New record?
by dezirina
Nipple BB straight or curved
wondering if people find the straight BB's comfortable in the nipple pierce or if most prefer curved.. am thinking of putting in a BB but don't want to buy both.
by woodcutter
Female nipple piercing
Hi all- Well, I got my nipple pierced at Gotham in New York City, and I like it a lot. Even though the piercer told me (several times) that it would not affect breast feeding, I wanted to ask the ...
by Filysagur
Nipple pierced
im a minor who wants to get ny nipple pierced in new york- can you give me an address of a place
by orionbad
Swollen nipple
I am a male with a nipple piercing about 18 months old. Recently it became swollen and sore to the touch. I began antibiotics about a week ago for another problem. Any ideas? Whats the best way to ...
by wayne mansfield
Re: Permanent neck ring?
... the right metal to use. Stainless steel would do.far better. I have tried to do the same thing with nipple rings and my PA. Nobody would do them so they ...
by lakshnarayan
Re: Questions about Ear Piercing Stereotypes....
... ve a septum ring & 2ga lobes. I have paired conch piercings, and a helix piercing. I notice that my nipple piercings show through my shirt. I have green hair. I was hired looking more or less this ...
by dacc00
Re: Double nip piercing
... ould do both horizontal and vertical at the same sitting. i think it would be to much trauma to the nipple and hinder or negatively affect ...
by Linda2
Re: What the hell???
But really, so what if he didnt wear gloves? Its not like he was piercing someone elses nipple. He was piercing his own. Shouldnt you be able to do that however the hell you want?
Re: On having surgery...
1. The tongue jewelry will have to come out as it will cause real problems if you are having a general anesthetic - an endotracheal tube and/or airway will be inserted in your mouth and will probably ...
by kkawohl
Re: Piercing/tattooing in SC
I had my nipple pierced there and it was done way too deep. More areola. Not what I asked for. My wife had her navel pierced there too. The **** who did it made her stand up, then had to stick the ...
by skyeagle409
Pregnancy questions
I have both nipples pierced (2nd time they have been done) and am pregnant. I don't know of anyone who has/had nipple piercings and been pregnant so I don't have a resource to get answers from. I'm ...
by wayne mansfield
San Fran piercing? Also, sad news.
Hi all. So I remember reading about somewhere to get pierced in San Francisco on BME. I remember being impressed, even. But with the demise of the search engine on BME, I am at a loss about where to ...
by Shauno
Re: New Pierce Good/Old Pierce Bad
I'm having the same problem with my left nipple. I stretched it last month when I got the right one repierced, and it's been giving me more trouble than the new hole. And this cold weather isn't ...
by orionbad
Thinking About Piercing My Tongue...Need info
Okay, I have my left nipple and navel all pierced up and decided that I can't get enough of this stuff. I was thinking about getting my tongue pierced and want to know about the procedure as well as ...
by tierradelfuego
Time between piercings
Hey, I got a pair of nipple piercings (9 months and counting) and a n inner conch (~6 months) that I am nursing to full health. Still get some crusties, but not that significant. Still wash them ...
by atomant 496
Re: My new holes
Heidi, Congrats on your new holes! I've always been happy with Derek's work, especially on my most recent nipple piercing. My only problem is deciding what to have him pierce next. Enjoy,
by Filysagur
Re: Thoughts on Bodyart...
Or how about after you get it done and think 'I gotta post my experience on RAB and BME as soon as possible!' I luv it! I'm jonesing right now to go get my nipple redone. Grifter ICQ: 656980
by Eleapt
Hi all, Danny here. Owner and opereator of Fleshworks Body Piercing. I am putting together a new catolog and am looking for some fresh new piercing photographs to use. I am looking for approximately ...
by johndavies
Back from the States with new metal
hey everyone, I'm back from my trip. It was only ten days, but somehow it seemed longer. And I am NOT looking forward to going to work tomorrow :} Unfortunately I did not manage to bring the good ...
by johnl285
Re: I would value your opinions please
(snipped stuff about nipples with problems to get to what I think might be the root of the problem) Try leaving them alone for a couple of weeks. Rinse them with water when you take a shower. And ...
by richard vinod

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