Pain and Anesthesia
What I always wanted to know is, just about how common is it in the US to use some kind of anesthetic for piercings? I recently discovered nearly everyone in Germany does; here in Switzerland, it ...
by Alfonso Guillen
Re: Can I Tattoo over my Port Wine stain?
Vascular Birthmark Clinic Every year we treat more than 100 new patients for problem birthmarks and vascular malformations (abnormal formations of blood vessels). Tobian Muir While these lesions ...
by brian
Hi, Im new here. Questions regarding labret healing and nesting
First off, hi! Ok, here's my situation. I got a labret piercing done about two and a half weeks ago. After about a few days I noticed that the back of the labret stud was starting to grow over a bit, ...
by Cosmic Osmo
Café au lait spot tattoo cover up
Hi there.I m George,18 years and I have a café au lait spot(the size of baseball ball)on my tricep(arm).I have been having it since I was a baby but it got bigger.Can cover it with tattoo?I really ...
by George
Re: Barry Blanchard of Anatometal The Back Stabber
What do I think? I think that even though you apologized and have acknowledged your mistake, this was one of the most pathetic attempts to personally attack someone I have ever seen. What did you ...
by orionbad
Re: Emergency piercing reccommedation (NJ or PA)
I called them up and just didn't like the vibe i got from the guy there... i'm not judging the shop at all, but the guy on the phone wasn't very nice to me. Anyway, turns out my mom's just gonna come ...
by Filysagur
Hello, I have a semi-large red/pink birthmark that covers the back of my le...
Hello, I have a semi-large red/pink birthmark that covers the back of my left leg in splotches from my knee to the side of my ankle. I have consulted a dermatologist in the past, and was told there ...
by Guest
Re: Help finding 6g septum jewlery..
Keeping your job without pain : Priceless.
by Steve_crash
Re: New hole in my face.
... rying thing. I've never had anyone cry on me over a nostril piercing, but then again, not everyones pain tolerance is the ...
by Kclhmtguh
Jewelry for PA
...snip... I've noticed that when wearing the curved BB it tends to get dirty and smelly much faster than either the CBR or circBB. I'd say that cleaning a new piercing would be much easier with the ...
by Eleapt
Re: New tattoo
I'm pretty sure it's the angle of the pic.... or the way I'm standing. Yeah it's mine. Later, Starr Pain is good.... it lets you know you're not dead yet
by UGeminorum
Tattooing over birthmark? (photos)
(Sorry for the long introduction, this is a very personal and distressing topic so I'd like to explain myself clearly beforehand.) Hi, I have had this giant cafe au lait birthmark on my arm my ...
by gewanita
Re: Eyebrow ouchie-HELP!
D> 8 ounces of hot water. though a bit of a pain in the **** and difficult D> to do without spilling all over yourself, fill a cup and immerse the you can also half-soak a cotton ball. it's then ...
by sonofabaut
Hood Peircing ?? HELP...
... und stupid but I am considering getting my hood pierced soon and I am wondering what to expect (for pain) when it is getting done. I have two friends who have had it done but their piercing were done ...
by dacc00
Re: Off topic breakroom debate
2... Immortality would allow you to watch your own society advance to the level of 'superior alien technology', then you'd have the best of both worlds. Not to mention I have a thing for guys with ...
by Shauno
Puffy cartilage
pierced the cartilage in my left eat about 2 years ago with a gun (ekk, i dident know then ) and as many things do, it got infected. Got it clean and after several other bouts with inflammation and ...
by UGeminorum
My first tattoo.
my roommate and i just got back from getting our first tattoos. mine is on the back of my neck, and i love it. i'd been thinking about it for a while, but i finally grew the balls to do it tonight. ...
by dacc00
Re: New Pierce Good/Old Pierce Bad
Did anyone else read this subject line and think 'Animal Farm'? :) And good luck Kavin. Starr Pain is good.... it lets you know you're not dead yet
by lakshnarayan
Thinking About Piercing My Tongue...Need info
Okay, I have my left nipple and navel all pierced up and decided that I can't get enough of this stuff. I was thinking about getting my tongue pierced and want to know about the procedure as well as ...
by tierradelfuego
Help - Torn tissue?
Well, i unwisely decided to stretch my frenum of a week and a half from an 8ga to a 6ga. It went through fine except for the last part which was really tight and wouldn't let it through. The only ...
by Alfonso Guillen
Genital piercing (female)
... nced body modders to help me! I'm considering getting a genital piercing (pref. my *****) but I hate pain. But I do have my tongue pierced and three tattoo's so I know I can handle ...
by Linda2
what kind of tattoo can i get to display all the pain and suffering ive been put throught in my life
by ccc
Re: Ear project nearing completion
LOL. Sometimes I think vet school just does that to you. You have fun splitting head- sized abscesses that contain a gallon of pus, you like to stick your arm into cow ***** in winter because it's ...
by atomant 496
Re: Question about tattos
... unky **** cummin out of it or somthin'. It's a cool scene to belong to and you know... you can bear pain for belonging to it, no? ...
by chanderdevgun
Re: CBR tips...
A little story about removing captive beads... One time, I was removing the beads out of my 14ga tragus rings. Over a sink. And yes, I pulled the plunger so that if it fell in the sink it wouldn't go ...
by orionbad
Re: ?
Hiya, How about 'torch song trilogy'? later Starr Pain is good.... it lets you know you're not dead yet
by Linda2
Re: My newest mod
first, congrats on the new mod! :) very interesting indeed. i think that a lot of our pain avoidance tendencies are a result of what society teaches us. from day one, we're taught that pain is bad. ...
by waylowrider
Re: Septum problems
To answer these questions in some order: The piercing is almost 4 months old. I occasionally picked a little at the flaky tissue, but usually just found it if I touched the ring to push it back into ...
by man-from-mars
Ear percing and motorcycle helmet
... ng how long it takes for it to heal enough so that I can start wearing my motorcycle helmet without pain when putting it on or taking it off as well as prolonging the healing. I ...
by Cosmic Osmo
Hey I did it!
... t hurt. I hardly hurt at all. So I got it done with a 16gage cbr. Thanks for all the help guys. The pain factor is what was making me nervous about getting it. It seems to be ...
Tongue's Tattoo, For The Daring
... had a tongue tattoo on A Tattooed Blog I have to admit it looks great. Maybe I'm too spoiled or pain sensitive but I can't imagine suffering through this, and people say womens are the weak ...
by Ann
Important Tattoos tips
... attoo for the first time here is a very good guide to help you through the process without too much pain. The main idea is to be lucid when you reach the tattoo's artist, to take over the counter ...
by Ann

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