Re: Can I Tattoo over my Port Wine stain?
Have you any pictures of your tattoo covering your birthmark?:-)
by Lisa
Re: Cover birthmark
Hi Jade (and all), Wow, it's been three years since I've posted. So much has happened during that time! Since then, I've attended the Toronto Tattoo Convention, watched a roommate go and return ...
by Hopeful
Re: Self hood piercing?
Get a BME/World account! That's where I put all of my half-naked bodmod pictures! I would love to see pictures from your excursion, too.
by dacc00
Re: Tattoo shop in Fl
Pictures? I'd love to see this piece... Dana **** 16 Wench 22 BS 23 '96 FXDS-Conv 'Roxie'
by srayn372
Hi! i am looking for advice regarding tattooing a brown birt...
Hi! i am looking for advice regarding tattooing a brown birthmark, its on my stomach (as if you were looking at me on my right of my belly button) its around 6inch high and 6inch wide kinda covering ...
by Guest
Re: Asking the group for advice (uh oh)
... rk on a text-only browser... But hey, the SL/B> picture galleries! but text-only browsers can route pictures through zgv. if you fix bme so java is necessary, you're blocking everyone who uses lynx. ...
by mana
! New? Have questions? READ THIS FIRST!
Welcome to rec.arts.bodyart. If you are new or have questions, please visit these sites BEFORE you post your question here. I. Body-art FAQs (frequently asked questions and answers) A. Piercing FAQ: ...
by saintdark
Re: Tattoos still hurt...
Yes it is! He's relocated to Maryland and opened another shop. And now he is mine! Muahahahaha! Did he do work on you? Work that you have pictures of online? :)
by laintal
My first tattoo.
my roommate and i just got back from getting our first tattoos. mine is on the back of my neck, and i love it. i'd been thinking about it for a while, but i finally grew the balls to do it tonight. ...
by dacc00
My new holes
That's a really cool piercing. Double navel piercings rock! :-) Can't wait for pictures :-)
by johnl285
How Tattoos Work to learn about tattoo techniques, safety and regret! (Pictures, online video incl.) Gary
by kkawohl
Re: Sister Tattoos
My four sisters and I got a Sister Tattoo. You can see it here: As far as a design, we really have no idea what makes your wife or her sister tick. I'd ...
by paulsonjack
Re: For Erik, et al
While we agreed that the pictures are really funny, she'd read of such things in her yoga books. I like the idea a surprising amount for someone who hates having fluid in her nose. I want to get one.
by Steve_crash
Re: Please Help me decide: Pierce or not!
Thanks lish....and RAB..... I took your advice and brought it up last night at an appropriate time.....and you guys were right....she didn't freak. Her comment was 'I think I married a boy who will ...
by tierradelfuego
Which would be? A catalog for what? If it's a jewelry catalog, why aren't you using YOUR OWN PICTURES with YOUR OWN JEWELRY? I can't think of anything else a catalog would be for. You say '*****.' Do ...
by richard vinod
Re: Tattoo Business #4 E-mail response
Hey, get that website updated with new pictures of your work! sockpuppet 50% cotton 50% polyester
by globular
Re: My poor immune system...
For what it's worth, a bio. anthro. friend of mine who's into mods. told me that fresh tat's and pierces DO compromise your immune system quite a bit, and once advised me to wait on a pierce until a ...
by luanhak
Re: Munching, piercing, yknow ... whatever
it's not my fault i can't give directions yep i got some 1/2' 6ga rings and they were loverly dammit i wanted to stay and talk to him for longer she was wonderful, don't let her fool you. and there ...
by calzatiotu
Re: Mimp! Check out the new Tattoo Magazine!
Hey! Wow, sorry I didn't see this until now - I don't make it over here as much as I used to. I haven't seen the magazine yet, the only place near me that sold them is not here anymore. hmph. Guess ...
by paulsonjack
Re: Barcode tattoo
Take a stroll over to bodyart. I just posted a barcode pic I found a while back. Think it was from BME.
by Pierre Tessier
Re: Im back!!
Me too ... And, you can find pictures of your backside at ...
by adtramadol
Re: Luis rocks my socks
... l, i found them at ../Images/HelixPunch actually. neato. someone really short must have taken those pictures though. looks shorter than weezie, even, and he's pretty short. oh, that explains it }:). ...
by Chalz
Twinkle twinkle little star
Star tattoos hold several meanings depending on the type and style of the star. They could be a sign of aspiration and goals that you have set in your own life that hold significant meaning. The ...
by Ann
The Knuckle Tattoo Project.
... One of those site is the knuckle that brings you the Knuckle Tattoo Project, collecting pictures of knuckle tattoos and the stories behind ...
by Ann
Halloween treat
... og brings us a links to great tattoo artists tattooing horror images, it sound kinda creepy but the pictures are awesome. Although the tattoos look great i think i wont be able to walk around all the ...
by Ann

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