Re: Cover birthmark
Hi Jessica (and all)! Wow, it's been a year since I've posted and I got a chance to educate myself at the Paris Tattoo convention. Also met the artist I mentioned...amazing! Well, since the year ...
by Hopeful
Looking for Feather Russell-Morse, tattoo artist...
I am seeking Feather Russell-Morse, a tattoo artist who used to have a studio in San Marcos, Texas. The studio was called 'Touch of a Feather'. I would like to contact her about doing a wolf piece
by Scott17
Re: Female tattoo artists in Seattle
this is so true, sorry katie, i didnt know you were in WA untill i got the magazine yesterday! (she made the cover of the new skin art!) holy **** katie, i just thought of something, you are the ...
by Atko
Cory Kruger
... heard he opened a shop in Portsmouth NH. Does anyone happen know the name and number? He started a piece on me back in March when he was working at Juli Moon's. I called there in ...
by skyeagle409
Re: Emergency piercing reccommedation (NJ or PA)
here's a technique I've used for quick removal get some dental floss, or fishing line thread one piece on each side of the ring (a sewing needle works best, but you can do it by hand, too pull the ...
by laintal
Re: Getting a Tattoo in Fla
... i don't have approved piercers or supplies, just UNapproved ones. if you're looking for a specific piece ...
by Atko
Re: Tygon Bar in Venus Piercing
Tygon, Vincon and Silastic are not exactly jewlelry, though. http://www.tygon.com/ Tygon is a type of clear pvc tubing put to many uses. Many of the applications are in the medical and food service ...
by Kclhmtguh
Re: Tattoo shop in Fl
Pictures? I'd love to see this piece... Dana **** 16 Wench 22 BS 23 '96 FXDS-Conv 'Roxie'
by srayn372
Re: New tattoo
... ught you were in the middle of doing the rainbow boa on your back. did you finish that? why another piece (especially a fairly nicely ...
by dacc00
Re: HELP!Labret probs.
J> house has a cancer causing agent in it . . . does anyone know of J> anything that can be applied to the flatback to cushion and reduce J> friction against the gums? when i wore a flatback & it ...
by man-from-mars
Re: Tattoos still hurt...
... pent my Wednesday evening, instead of studying for finals as I should have been, hehe. Oh well. The piece looks really nice, I'm looking forward to seeing it without the redness of the ...
by Chalz
Re: Artists: Whos the Boss?
In the sense that they must approve the design and overall aesthetic appearance yes....they are..... artists express the desire for a customer who >enters the studio, and says, 'do me, I trust you.' ...
by Kclhmtguh
Re: Barbell dilemma
...i have a 3/4' barbell in now, and i was try getting a piece of jewelry that fits your tongue appropriately. bigger and longer may certainly be delish when it comes to many things, but with ...
by atomant 496
a> plain, black cross). I know the die-hards scoff at the 'pick-it-off-a-wal a> people, but honestly I saw the design and screamed at hubby's cousin 'THAT a> ONE!!!' and about a half hour later it ...
by sonofabaut
Re: Cleveland munch saturday
I cannot afford to get poked, so I won't be making an appointment. However, I have that piece of jewelry there waiting for me that's already paid for, and I will want to see everyone and hang out, so ...
by orionbad
F/S: When 00 Gauge isnt large enough!
I now have a limited supply of larger than 00 gauge rings - my PA has been 00 for three years, was somewhat stretched from the weight of the ring, but there was no place to go! I am importing a ...
by Chalz
Re: Eric
Glad you liked the piece - Did they use the footage of me puncturing cans with my teeth , I'm curious cause I had to do it at least a half dozen times for the shot Erik Sprague - Amago with the Jim ...
by nulleq
... er. He's in the army and has a nice little arsenal. Tell me, do you want to keep this tenant in one piece, or can we make stew meat out of him? ...
by Atko
New Jewlery
... s in response to something someone wrote to me before and my own infromation. when I purchase a new piece of jewlery (I have a tongue piercing), what do I have to do to the jewlery before it is ...
by laintal
Hi all, Danny here. Owner and opereator of Fleshworks Body Piercing. I am putting together a new catolog and am looking for some fresh new piercing photographs to use. I am looking for approximately ...
by johndavies
Re: Eye of Horus links
As this may well be a tat that is more popular then even the lowly taz I really doubt that you could find a portfolio of any artist that does not include one. My reccomendation would be to decide ...
by Lam
Re: Temporary tatto experience
Sara, don't worry a very nice tribal shoulder piece is ready for the cover-up John
Great way to measure a tattoo.
Allen found a great way to measure a tattoo, he hold up a ruler to the piece when he takes a picture of it. That's it. After transferring the images to his computer, he opens up Photoshop.Create a ...
by Ann

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