NYC Piercer
Times Square area? Youd have an easy a time finding a good piercer in Disney World.
by FigoXXX
Re: Self-done Hafada
welcome to the club-house:) have a cookie. certain feeling of personal accomplishment, isn't there? even if it is your day job:) isn't that annoying? a spot looks just right when you're standing, ...
by banksideusa
Re: Septum pinchers?
I'm no septum expert, of course, but I don't understand all this fuss about retainers. Judith's point sounded valid that the ends could poke you, so I can deal with that. But what don't you like ...
by Skyglow
Re: Unhealed nipple
Well, I don't know about a barbell vs. a ring being the culprit - provided the bar is long enough to allow for movement of the jewellery, there shouldn't be any difference. The fact that it isn't ...
by johndavies
Re: Self hood piercing?
... strangers. it's not that bad really once you just do it. i'd suggest just going in and meeting the piercer you want to have it done talk it through with ...
by Gasman
Emergency piercing reccommedation (NJ or PA)
My tragus piercing is being bad, very, very bad. It's rejecting, but i can't get the ring out (i got the ball off the CBR, but can't seem to open the ring up wide enough, and when I try, it bleeds) ...
by nulleq
Re: I have no idea what my piercing is called
I bet she could tell you all about it, Like how long the needle took to push through. how long it hurt. How long it took for it to seem healed. What's in a name? Would not an Amp by any other name ...
by JohnFrancis
Re: New hole in my face.
Yay :) I just got a septum piercing yesterday :) I talked to my piercer about how I don't want to use Dial or Bactine, she said 'well, you really should use *something* antibacterial...one or the ...
by Lam
Re: First post first piercing
I bled alot too. The piercer kept asking me if I had been drinking or if I was anemic (sp?) Anyways, I love mine too. *Heather*
by dh/dt
Re: Double nip piercing
essie wrote 1) totally agree with the recommendation of obscurities. 2) i don't think that she should do both horizontal and vertical at the same sitting. i think it would be to much trauma to the ...
by Linda2
Female nipple piercing
... all- Well, I got my nipple pierced at Gotham in New York City, and I like it a lot. Even though the piercer told me (several times) that it would not affect breast feeding, I wanted to ask the folks ...
by Filysagur
Tomorrow shall be for me!
Hello everyone! Well, after much thought, I've decided to go and get both of my nipples pierced tomorrow. I was originally going to get them done in November, but some events came up and I feel like ...
by johndavies
Re: Titanium barbells
Though I'm not a piercer and no judge of jewelry, I must say that I've noticed that Industrial Strength has switched over to all internally threaded 16 guages, too. Don't know about the titanium, ...
by Scott17
Re: HELP!Labret probs.
J> house has a cancer causing agent in it . . . does anyone know of J> anything that can be applied to the flatback to cushion and reduce J> friction against the gums? when i wore a flatback & it ...
by man-from-mars
Re: Hole in tongue
... cently, had my tongur pierced ,and experienced the same white ridging, arounf the hole, I called my piercer, who told me it was nothing to worry about, it's a scab. It's now gone (5 weeks after ...
by JohnFrancis
Re: Piercing/tattooing in SC
... ny help appreciated, thanks! : enolA We were very impressed with Planet 3 in Savannah, Georgia. The piercer we talked was very knowledgeable, made us feel very at ease, the piercing room was well set ...
by Kclhmtguh
Re: Hood Peircing ?? HELP...
I can't tell you what to expect, since everyone reacts differently. YMMV is the best I can do, other than tell you my experiences. I've had my hood pierced 3 times (twice horizontal and once ...
Re: Pain and Anesthesia
... have neither ever requested, nor been offered, an anesthetic for a body modification. I believe my piercer will not ...
by wbsjets
... e is an excellent body piercing shop called Luna Sea located at 286 Thayer Street (401-272-5862). A piercer by the name of Joseph Y. pierced my ...
by globular
Re: Miami artist
Miami - South beach Tattoo. Ft. Laud.- Bruce bart Tattooing and if you are will ing to take the trip up '95: Deerfield Beach(up near boca) - Deerfield Beach Tattoo(right next to the dollar movie ...
by dezirina
Re: Piercing in Charlotte, NC?(also a delurk)
I understand this logic, though I think any piercing studio which wants a good reputation would seek recognition and sacrifice the under-18 market. I would say that this is sort of like drug testing ...
by dezirina
Re: Two New Piercings
... ! ;) I've never heard of anything like this. Is it actually possible to autoclave latex gloves!? My piercer uses new (single-use) gloves. I thought that was common practice. Please enlighten me ...
by laintal
Re: Too much of a good thing?
I think the most ive heard is an 8 or 9 frenum ladder on a very experienced piercer. They will take longer to heal. Nips might well be more prone to migrate out with all that stress on your body. The ...
by srayn372
Re: F/S: When 00 Gauge isnt large enough!
see, i'm picturing the piercer heading out to the trunk of his car to get the appropriate tools to tighten the thing. and then trying to fit a tire iron in an autoclave.
by johnholster
Wanna be on the other end of it.
Ok, so I think I wanna be a body piercer, but it's not really all that simple as to finding how to go about doing so..if ANYONE has anything more than 'don't you have to go to school for that?' it ...
by Atko
Question about tattos
... hough about getting one untill i was older. but today my friend introduced me to this guy that is a piercer and tatto artist. he tattoed her and offered to tatto me for a real cheap price. i ...
by Atko
Re: My toung ring helllppp meee please
i know that this is a forum for questions as well as conversation...... but when a person cannot go to their piercer with a question like this, it concerns me...
by waylowrider
Re: *2nd post about this, Im sorry...*
no need to apologize, you aren't being a **** about it. if you piercer is a good(1) one, you shouldn't worry about it. maybe ask for a recomendation for a piercer in your area. j 1. before you go ...
by Pierre
Re: Please Help me decide: Pierce or not!
'i'll teach you to turn away.' wrote: I think what he is wearing is most of the problem...its the same ring the piercer put in, a 14ga cbr...ugh...feels like a cheese slicer... :P
by Scott17
Re: Anyone know?!??!
Yes you can pierce in the same spot. Gary Menard piercer/manager Way Cool Tattoos Uptown
by IMO
Web piercing
... ne or more... weird thing, and i think it was a foolish one to get but he really wanted it, and the piercer i apprentice to ...
by Atko
Re: Got my Amp. in Austin
The piercer was Wendy at Capitol City on 6th. For some odd reason, I just felt most comfortable with a female doing this piercing. =) You know, with the fondling and all that goes along with an amp. ...
by Soundselectah
Re: PA
10 or 12 ga. if your piercer doesn't have good aftercare directions available switch piercers. otherwise email back for some.
by Eleapt
Re: Septum problems
It sounds like it's keloiding. My advice is to lay off the antibacterial soap a little, because even tho it's great at killing the germs, it's kinda irratating. You should also try sea salt soakes, ...
by dominykas
Venom or Viper
Hi I want to get a venom or viper. I've seen both names used for what looks like the same piercing, is that right? Also I was wondering how long do you think the healing would take if I got both ...
by mana
Re: Salt soak???
by Pierre Tessier
NYC Munch Report (Pics Up!)
... nch descriptions either, and I'm sure nobody wants to hear another round of raving over Keith. As a piercer, I mean ;). I still believe my decision in favor of tattoos and against the ...
by IMO
Re: Some Questions
duram wrote 8 to a 6 gage. you should probably be fine. use lube and do it after a warm shower. or have your piercer do it.
by morg_dog
Re: *eyebrow ring*
i could swear you've asked this exact same question before. if the piercer won't change it for you, don't do it. if you can convince her, regardless of it only being 2 weeks old, go for it.
by calzatiotu

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