Skin Tube in Nipple Piercing
Allright, I have a slight problem. Had a pair of nipple rings for about 9 months now. Seems like every month or so they begin to behave themselves and look like they're nearly healed. And then ...
by Atko
Dry holes (piercing holes of course...)
The skin around my eyebrow pierce got really dry and itchy from the anti-bacterial soap I was using, so I used vitamin E oil and it not only got rid of the dry skin, it seemed to make the pierce heal ...
by Lagunas
Self hood piercing?
I have wanted a hood piercing for a long time, I've read up on it on BME and other sites for a long time. My problem is I'm shy and I can't fathom the idea of exposing myself to a complete stranger. ...
by man-from-mars
Emergency piercing reccommedation (NJ or PA)
My tragus piercing is being bad, very, very bad. It's rejecting, but i can't get the ring out (i got the ball off the CBR, but can't seem to open the ring up wide enough, and when I try, it bleeds) ...
by nulleq
Getting an earlobe piercing to close?
Hi all, I've had my earlobes pierced for a long time. I don't wear earrings anymore, and I hate the idea that I still have the holes. Is there something I could do to get them to close? I haven't ...
by paulsonjack
I have no idea what my piercing is called
just an interesting little story: a woman came into blockbuster the other day. she had a rook (or a daith
by Linda2
Questions about Ear Piercing Stereotypes....
Hi. I finally did get my ears pierced. I got a 12 gauge, captive bead ring. One on each ear. It'll take 6-8 weeks to heal. Now I have some questiona about AFTER the healing period, and some CURRENT. ...
by calzatiotu
First post first piercing
Now that's what I call a delurker. I finally got my nostril pierced and now I feel absolutely entitled to tell you! :) As I live in Basel (Switzerland) I was quite worried about finding a good ...
by Atko
Piercing in Austin, Tx
Hey all, does anyone know what places in Austin, Tx are good for body piercings? When I say good, I mean someplace that wont give me some weird disease or drain 5 pints of blood. Inexpensive is a ...
by srayn372
Piercing/tattooing in SC
Tattooing is illegal in SC. And piercing is immoral in SC. :) You'll have to hop the border for ink. Can't help you with the piercings. ~*~*~*~*~*~ WyrdWoman
by pidgey
San Fran piercing? Also, sad news.
Hi all. So I remember reading about somewhere to get pierced in San Francisco on BME. I remember being impressed, even. But with the demise of the search engine on BME, I am at a loss about where to ...
by Shauno
Piercing rituals
There has been a bit of talk on RAB recently about indigenous rituals associated w/piercing. While it is my personal opinion that replicating a ritual of another society is a little naive and silly ...
by waylowrider
Piercing in Charlotte, NC?(also a delurk)
... been lurking in the rabbit hole for several months now. After reading various posts and researching piercing on BME and several other sites, I finally decided to get my septum pierced with a circular ...
by Scott17
Body Piercing/Tattoos on Law and Order
it just finished up here(Indy) everybody knows that all pierced people are perverts and deviants. This is proved out by the fact that the male detective has a tattoo on his right arm and is the ...
by dacc00
Crazed 13 y/o coal chamber fans on a piercing spree!
This is what worries me... I don't know about y'all, but if this was my kid he'd have a rather unusual body mod
by saintdark
Double nip piercing
My wife is seriously thinking of having her nipples repierced (she had to take them out due to medical reasons and decided to try again) but this time she is talking of having them pierced ...
by Eleapt
Piercing/acupressu re, puncture
has anyone here ever looked into (or heard of anyone looking into) how placement of piercings might have an affect on the body/mind in a way similar to acupressure or puncture?
by pidgey
Nipple piercing
Hi. Does anybody know (and can recommend) a good place to get nipple piercing? I have a place where I got a few tattoos, but I don't know if they can do piercing, or at least as good as a piercing ...
by orionbad
Tygon Bar in Venus Piercing
well meghan and i were actually down at body rites in austin talking about this particular thing with chris kane, and he said that he hadn't seen any rejections with this type of jewelry and only one ...
by FigoXXX
Nostril piercing
It DOES go up the nasal cavity. . . it punctures your ethmoid, and implants directly into your frontal lobe, acting as a receiver for signals from the CIA, which is trying to control the rouge ...
by pidgey
FL piercing law?
i went a long while ago to get my cartilage pierced, when i was 15. i was with my mom, and they wouldn't pierce me. even scarier, though, they offered to let my mom do it as they watched and advised. ...
by Chalz
Tattoo/Piercing mailing list
It's new, and a little weird at the moment, but it's just another mailing list. Thought maybe some of you might want to know. Kid 65 baja- ZugMaschine... 'Pieni Vihrea Hirvio' 'And there you lie like ...
by dezirina
Female nipple piercing
Hi all- Well, I got my nipple pierced at Gotham in New York City, and I like it a lot. Even though the piercer told me (several times) that it would not affect breast feeding, I wanted to ask the ...
by Filysagur
Inner Conch Piercing
I got my inner conch pierced a couple of days ago and the piercing was practically painless but it is killing me now. I soaked it in sea salt and have been taking advil and it still hurts like mad. ...
by Scout
Munching, piercing, yknow ... whatever
We had our fourth Austin munch last night and it was mah-velous. Luke, David, and Kevin were late because they got lost. Tharagor and Atalanta came a little later with a mutual friend of ours. We ...
by man-from-mars
***** Piercing ???
Stop top-posting you little ****. And learn to spell. Better yet, stop posting and die.
by Lam
Re-piercing nipples
i had both my nipples pierced about 10 years ago. had to take one out as it started to migrate then he other did and i left them out to breast feed. its now been about 6 years since taken them out ...
by carys
Thinking About Piercing My Tongue...Need info
Okay, I have my left nipple and navel all pierced up and decided that I can't get enough of this stuff. I was thinking about getting my tongue pierced and want to know about the procedure as well as ...
by tierradelfuego
Skin Tube in eyebrow piercing
About six months after my eyebrow piercing I experienced the "skin tube" phenomenon. It happens about once a month. Should i pull it out or push it back in?
by Maggie
Web piercing
i did my first web piercing on sunday night, and was wondering if anyone out there has one or more or has done one or more... weird thing, and i think it was a foolish one to get but he really wanted ...
by Atko
Piercing erotica
does anyone know of url's to piercing stories ?
by Skyglow
Genital piercing (female)
... ewbie but I need some of you experienced body modders to help me! I'm considering getting a genital piercing (pref. my *****) but I hate pain. But I do have my tongue pierced and three tattoo's so I ...
by Linda2
I'm thinking about getting a pubic-lorum piercing but I see ...
I'm thinking about getting a pubic-lorum piercing but I see that there are many veins in the area... would this be a problem?
by Guest
What are the ricks with the christina piercing?
what are the ricks with the christina piercing?
by Guest
Re: Self-done Hafada
welcome to the club-house:) have a cookie. certain feeling of personal accomplishment, isn't there? even if it is your day job:) isn't that annoying? a spot looks just right when you're standing, ...
by banksideusa
Re: Unhealed nipple
Well, I don't know about a barbell vs. a ring being the culprit - provided the bar is long enough to allow for movement of the jewellery, there shouldn't be any difference. The fact that it isn't ...
by johndavies
Re: Septum pinchers?
My circular barbell is working out very nicely. John bent it out a little bit so I could flip it up inside my nose, and it stays put once I flip it. As with
by Cosmic Osmo
Permanent neck ring?
... rings, i.e. a thin band of metal welded around the neck. The inquiries I've made so far (mainly at piercing/tattoo shops) have been met only with strange looks and shrugs. I was going to try ...
by Steve_crash
Re: Hi, Im new here. Questions regarding labret healing and nesting
There's also a possibility that the labret stud was too short for the initial piercing, and didn't allow any room for the swelling/healing process.
by Pierre Tessier
Re: Daddy, whats that red stuff coming out of kittys ear??
jail. Out of curiosity, what is it about the piercing that keeps animals from
by Chalz

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