Tattoo shop in Fl
Has anyone received a tattoo from a tattoo shop in SW Florda. I am looking for a good artist for my first tattoo. Thank you.
by skyeagle409
Rant on add for new shop in Indianapolis
I have yet to hear any information, good or bad, about a new tattooing and piercing studio here in Indianapolis, but their radio commercial made me almost coat my windshield with iced tea... The name ...
by Cosmic Osmo
Re: Self-done Hafada
Well, I just joined the recent self-done hafada group. Tonight I did 2, 10ga **** piercings on my self. I've had a lorum (pierced at 12ga, stretched to 6ga at this point) for about 4 years. In the ...
by globular
Re: Septum pinchers?
My circular barbell is working out very nicely. John bent it out a little bit so I could flip it up inside my nose, and it stays put once I flip it. As with
by Cosmic Osmo
Re: Personal Tattoo Art
... re in!! Note that some images are not suitable for tattooing. If one artist says they cannot do it, shop it around a bit. If many say no, you are probably out of luck. ...
by nulleq
Re: Self hood piercing?
Hello Mir, I've asked the same question about two months ago. I've got the safety advice and that 'if I wanted it, just get it done'. And they were right. I checked out some piercers by phone, found ...
by tierradelfuego
Re: Lish approved?
R> Lish .... R> just curious....whose on your list for Richmond Virginia? R> I already know the shop I work at isn't.....but I am curious it's not by shop, but by specific artist. & i don't have ...
by chanderdevgun
Re: Cory Kruger
The name of the shop is color box production, he and Joe Capobianca opened the place together , here is a link to the page. The site is still new and not much there, ...
by wayne mansfield
Re: Emergency piercing reccommedation (NJ or PA)
I know a place in Levittown Pa, right outside philly. Good shop if that is what you need.
by Gasman
Re: Getting an earlobe piercing to close?
LM> Yeah; they're not very noticeable. It's just that I no longer wear LM> earrings, and don't see the point of having holes in my ears anymore. LM> would one abrade the holes on the inside, anyway? ...
by atomant 496
Nipple piercing
... re I got a few tattoos, but I don't know if they can do piercing, or at least as good as a piercing shop. Any help is ...
by orionbad
Re: Trepanation on 20/20 Downtown
... recently modern medical instruments for the procedure looked like something off the wall in a wood shop. Erik ...
by chanderdevgun
Re: What the hell???
... done amateur piercing on the public and we will not sell needles to anyone who does not pierce in a shop but... ...
by saintdark
Studio in western North Carolina needs Artist(s) for New Location
... r the new location of Imperial Arts Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio - Shelby North Carolinas oldest shop is moving to a new location and is looking for talent. We are hoping to open up in our new ...
by morg_dog
Tomorrow shall be for me!
Hello everyone! Well, after much thought, I've decided to go and get both of my nipples pierced tomorrow. I was originally going to get them done in November, but some events came up and I feel like ...
by johndavies
Baltimore, DC area shops
On x-mas I am moving to Baltimore to live with my girlfriend. I am looking for the best piercing and tattoo studios in the area. In particular I am seeking a piercing studio that can do deep oral ...
by atomant 496
Re: Piercing in Austin, Tx
... roblem putting you totally at ease with the process. i just can't say enough great stuff about this shop i love 'em. if you go ...
by Gasman
Re: Tattoos still hurt...
Yes it is! He's relocated to Maryland and opened another shop. And now he is mine! Muahahahaha! Did he do work on you? Work that you have pictures of online? :)
by laintal
Re: Piercing/tattooing in SC
... iercings - I recommend Sommerset at Factor Five's downtown location on Meeting St. They also have a shop in N. Chas on Rivers. There's a couple of ...
by IMO
Re: 2ga earlets for sale
Really? Luna sea didn't have them? If not, did you try Evolution Providence (Joe from Luna Sea's shop), on Weybosset? I'm sure they have some... ...on the other hand, I have some 2ga single flare ...
by Shauno
Re: Labret
I think maybe the mother was a friend of the shop owner. Like I said, I am going to try to do some more investigating. If I knew who the mother was, I'd turn her sorry **** in to CPS immediately. I ...
by lakshnarayan
Re: Puffy cartilage
I have seen something similar once - a cart piercing which was done using silver jewelry. The jewelry was almost immovable, fixed in an abnormal collar of tissue, and black with silver oxide. ...
by Steve_crash
Tattoo supplies in Canada?
... d)? I've got a friend who's been an artist for quite a few years, fell on some hard times (lost his shop) and is ...
by Chalz
Re: San Fran piercing? Also, sad news.
hey, not that i'm anywhere close to sf, more like on the wrong side of the atlantic, but point remains... check out body manip. i had a lot of my piercings done by body manipulations is amsterdam and ...
by dominykas
Re: Piercings and Burglary
the joke around the shop was to sue the tabacco corp for industry defamation and slander....LOL...they probably wouldn't even want to go to court.... but if they did....just think the american public ...
by tierradelfuego
... I'm not sure how close you are to Providence, Rhode Island, but there is an excellent body piercing shop called Luna Sea located at 286 Thayer Street (401-272-5862). A piercer by the name of Joseph ...
by globular
Re: Branding
... cow, theyll not work on you. human flesh doesnt take like cow flesh. Find a good, clean, reputable shop, (where you located?) and they'll bend the irons, or use a cautery scalpel. Best case ...
by Scott17
Miami artist
Can anyone recommend an artist or shop in Miami, Fl that does good tribal or celtic. Thank you.
by tierradelfuego
Re: Piercing in Charlotte, NC?(also a delurk)
... ore than just having an autoclave and sterilzing needles. The checklist covers of every part of the shop, from the lobby ...
by Scott17
Two New Piercings
well, i did it. i finally went to a piercer. i got my first real piercings (excluding the implant) since July, 1998 when Bear pierced my areolas. tonight, or rather, last night (since it *is* ...
by Shauno
Cleveland munch saturday
hey RABbits, don't forget the Cleveland munch Saturday, Dec 11 (this weekend!), 8:30 pm Maria's, 11822 Detroit Ave. in Lakewood. I need to know if there are any more potential attendees so I know how ...
by nulleq
Re: FL piercing law?
... that. I could ask DinGo, but he's off on vacation til the 5th. Try Planet 3 in Savannah, GA. Great shop. I'm not sure if Joel will pierce the ears of someone who's only 10, ...
by FigoXXX
Re: Austin artist recommendations?
I've been there twice but never got work done. The firs
by johnl285
Re: Delurk - Hello All.
so where's your shop?
by sonofabaut
Re: New Jewlery
a reputable shop will autoclave it for you. the stuff on the shelves is just for show. .....but, considering the things people put in their mouth, 10 minutes in a 5% bleach/water solution should ...
by dacc00
It seemed to me as though you were asking for pics to use as a portfolio, or to sell jewelry. In either case you're best off using pics you take yourself. No offense but putting pics that you had ...
by Linda2
Re: Tipping Etiquette... eer.. help!
i'll teach you to turn away. wrote in message ... you asked,,,, 40 sumthing divorced housewife clients...(I think they are a sewing group too)...sent me a stripper ..they all have a ...
by dezirina
Venom or Viper
Hi I want to get a venom or viper. I've seen both names used for what looks like the same piercing, is that right? Also I was wondering how long do you think the healing would take if I got both ...
by mana
Re: Lish-(stupid Q but need help)
At least she didn't ask Shannon. Everyone knows BME is a tattoo-only shop.
by Lagunas
Can you ear it?
cool i liked your tattoo, BTW your Etsy shop is amazing.
by Ann

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