I really want my mole to be tattooed over, i just hate it so...
i really want my mole to be tattooed over, i just hate it so much. if i tattoo over it will u still be able to see it?, will it go lumpy?
by Guest
Re: Can I Tattoo over my Port Wine stain?
I have one on my arm that goes all the way up my arm , i would like to get it tattooed also . So if you hear anything let me know ! Thank you ☺️
by Prettybitchhh
Re: Café au lait spot tattoo cover up
... went to a tattoo parlour and had it three of my cafe au lait birthmarks (shoulder, arm, upper arm) tattooed , the artist said when the birthmarks are flat they can tattoo over them. I ...
by Gem
Body Piercing/Tattoos on Law and Order
it just finished up here(Indy) everybody knows that all pierced people are perverts and deviants. This is proved out by the fact that the male detective has a tattoo on his right arm and is the ...
by dacc00
Re: Daddy, whats that red stuff coming out of kittys ear??
I am a vegetarian, for what its worth and not to push it in anyone's face. Animal rights have to start somewhere, and cats and dogs seem the logical place to do it. When that battle's over, then we ...
by Lagunas
Great way to measure a tattoo.
“Simple but adorable” is how I would describe the tape measure tattoo of cigarette sand-valentines. Every seamstress has one in her notions box, but how many have such a darling one on ...
by jennismortal
Re: British Tattoo History Museum - Millennium Tattoo - 00.00hrs 2000
... the British Tattoo History Museum is in New Zealand, planning on becoming the first Westerner to be tattooed in the New Millennium. Paul is on a tour of New Zealand and Australia, just before the ...
by Scott2
Re: Tattoo shop in Fl
... too shop in SW Florda. I am looking A> a good artist for my first tattoo. Thank you. i haven't been tattooed there, but i must throw out a recommendation for mario barth. ...
by dacc00
Re: Labret
... t falls under abuse/neglect. I also feel that if the mother is allowing (forcing?) the child to get tattooed, there should certainly be some sort of investigation into what else she may be doing to ...
by banksideusa
Piercing rituals
There has been a bit of talk on RAB recently about indigenous rituals associated w/piercing. While it is my personal opinion that replicating a ritual of another society is a little naive and silly ...
by waylowrider
Re: Wanna be on the other end of it.
I know I was so dissappointed......'what you mean I have to WORK at this??????' to allot of people it just seems so kewl....they don't think about sitting around starving......or having to deal with ...
by mana
Pierced polyp
... tooing. He doesn't like tattoos or body mods of any kind although he does tolerate me being heavily tattooed. Every time I get another tattoo, he tries to get me to promise it'll be the last ...
by morg_dog
Re: Sister Tattoos
My four sisters and I got a Sister Tattoo. You can see it here: As far as a design, we really have no idea what makes your wife or her sister tick. I'd ...
by paulsonjack
Re: Tipping Etiquette... eer.. help!
i'll teach you to turn away. wrote in message ... you asked,,,, 40 sumthing divorced housewife clients...(I think they are a sewing group too)...sent me a stripper ..they all have a ...
by dezirina
Egyptian hieroglyphs
... glyphs are shown & translated? I haven't found a good site but I'm really interested in having them tattooed on. Thanks ...
by Linda2
Tattoo dream
i thought i'd share my most recent tattoo dream: i was outside watching some kid on a swingset when i thought to myself, i don't have any sunscreen on my tattoo. i went inside to remedy that and ...
by dezirina
Looking for symbol
Hi all, I have a friend who is wanting to get tattooed, but is looking for a symbol meaning 'Love'. Is anybody aware of any?
by nulleq
Permanent Make Up
... . My grandmother would never be caught dead with a tattoo but have her lips, eye liner and eyebrows tattooed on, she gets angry when I tell her they are ...
by Felisha
Tongue's Tattoo, For The Daring
I've just checked the net for cool tattoo and found the most amazing photo of a woman that had a tongue tattoo on A Tattooed Blog I have to admit it looks great. Maybe I'm too spoiled or pain ...
by Ann
Would You Tattoo Someone's Name?
... er to two signs. I've heard some very nice stories about name tattoos but recently few people that tattooed the name of the one they love on their body were separated and when I last seen them I ...
by Ann
Tattoo designing with pc.
... p with DAZ Bryce. Loic Zimmerman’s CGI tattoo preview was also a hugely popular post among my tattooed geek brethren. ...
by Ann
Scaring People Into Kindness
Not the typical story I would expected to hear about a group of tattooed bikers but the story of rescue ink as it appears on the news update on needled blog certainly deserves our help and ...
by Ann
Some People Are Just Crazy!
... ttoo blog here and here to understand what I'm talking about. The first post is about a person that tattooed himself with a suicide bomber body bomb and the second is of a person that injected blue ...
by Ann
Erotic Tattoos?
Are you into erotic tattoos? I've seen a lot of them on Kinky Ink tattoos most of them seemed weired but then again this is the specialization of the website. Tattoos can be very sensual and ...
by Ann

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