Tongue Piercings
I have heard that the metal can rub off into your blood stream and get into your brain and **** you up. Is this true???
by Kclhmtguh
Tongue infection?
Actually its both
by Pierre
Tongue aftercare
... all the after care info on BME, but have gotten some conflicting info on aftercare. I'm getting my tongue done Friday, so I want to be prepared with a cleaning arsenal, to avoid my eyebrow and navel ...
by Pierre Tessier
Hi can anyone help me i am 16(turning 17 in june) and i have been wanting my tongue pierced for 6 years and i want to know if anyone knows a place in mass that will pierce my tongue for me. PLEASE ...
by Chalz
Hole in tongue
... i can't find the answer in the faq so i'm skipping the lurking phase and jumping right in i got my tongue pierced two weeks ago and there's still kinda a white ridge around the top, which from what ...
by Eleapt
Thinking About Piercing My Tongue...Need info
... l all pierced up and decided that I can't get enough of this stuff. I was thinking about getting my tongue pierced and want to know about the procedure as well as any complications that come along ...
by tierradelfuego
Re: I have no idea what my piercing is called
... re using a local name that not everyone will know. Most piercings outside of the really basic ones (tongue, navel, etc.) have a bunch of names, some more sensible ...
by nulleq
Re: New hole in my face.
Hrm. Mine *was* happy, as happy as a 22 hour old nostril piercing can be. Until I ran my hand down my face, forgetting it was there and pulling it half out. OW. I pushed it back in, whimpered on ...
by saintdark
On having surgery...
... come out. I'm more concerned with the daith in the ear and the hood piercing. (I know they want the tongue out). He said he frankly had ...
by atomant 496
Body Jewelry and Glow Sticks
What do body jewelry, glow sticks, and investments have in common? Sounds like a childish joke, but for our company it has become the spring board to success. The company, Locitos (pronounced ...
by dacc00
Re: Looking for clear labret retainers
I've got something that could work. It's meant to be a tongue retainer, but it can be improvised. The design is a clear rod and a labret-type back on one end and an o-ring on the other. See ...
by srayn372
Barbell dilemma
ok, here it is...i am experiencing *irritation* around the top of my almost-4-year-old tongue piercing...i have a 3/4' barbell in now, and i was wondering if putting in a longer barbell would help ...
by pidgey
Re: Punched in the ear
Curb your tongue Knave. yttrx lives on as 0x0F
by woodcutter
Genital piercing (female)
... lp me! I'm considering getting a genital piercing (pref. my *****) but I hate pain. But I do have my tongue pierced and three tattoo's so I know I can handle ...
by Linda2
Acrylic/Lucite problems
I don't know about migration, but I have heard people say that acrylic can cause an irritation when worn in the tongue. Good luck!
by saintdark
Re: Boyfriends tattoo appears to be corroding!?
The moon was in the wrong stage. Your tattoo artist held his/her tongue in the wrong position. You're taking aspirin (or other blood thinners). You got tanked after the procedure. You got tanked the ...
by Atko
Re: Ear project nearing completion
... ted, somebody's post reassures me that I'm not THAT far off the rails. I'm going to try keep my DIY tongue this time, re-done Saturday, reasonable placement. You should really try it in front of an ...
by Steve_crash
Re: Yet another lame delurk...
other words that she spelled correctly: 1) piercing 2) tongue
by wayne mansfield
Re: For Erik, et al
ahhh,yes... i found it, the term(s) i wanted were 'necking, retro-*****, stoma *****, deep throat' also i found 'scronking' : 'scronking, v. the act of inserting the male genitalia up the throat ...
by kkawohl
Thoughts on Bodyart...
... or tattoo information. Got that, kept reading. Hit a few webpages. Realized 'Hey, I've always liked tongue piercings...' and 'Hmm...y'know my earlobes are pretty I could ...
by Chalz
*2nd post about this, Im sorry...*
If you're going to a reputable piercer, one who you really trust, I think that they'll be straight up with you. When I went to have mine done, they WOULDN'T do it for lack of a lip on my navel, and ...
by Scout
Re: My tung...what to expect
by globular
New Jewlery
... someone wrote to me before and my own infromation. when I purchase a new piece of jewlery (I have a tongue piercing), what do I have to do to the jewlery before it is sutiable to be put in my ...
by laintal
How short is too short?
how can you tell if a tongue barbell is too short?
by wayne mansfield
Re: Venom or Viper
... at looks j> like the same piercing, is that right? Also I was wondering how long do 'two off-center tongue piercings' works too. it doesn't matter. j> think the ...
by Lam
Cool x-rays
I went to a new dentist today, and had the full set of x-rays, including the panoramic (which I don't recall ever having before). They didn't make me take my jewelry out (well, she did say to take ...
by dh/dt
Re: Saying Hello (delurk)
: mods,I have 00ga lobes 16ga labret 4ga tongue 4ga septum 10ga nipples a : P.A was 2ga now a 6ga because of newly added apadravya 12ga (only a few : hours old) Looking forward to stretching already. ...
Re: Luis rocks my socks
me> i'll be sending pics to bme & luis's own online portfolio as soon me> as the scabs fall. ok. i have photos. three of them - a fresh-&-bloody pic, a bloody ...
by orionbad
Tongue's Tattoo, For The Daring
I've just checked the net for cool tattoo and found the most amazing photo of a woman that had a tongue tattoo on A Tattooed Blog I have to admit it looks great. Maybe I'm too spoiled or pain ...
by Ann

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