Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Star tattoos hold several meanings depending on the type and style of the star. They could be a sign of aspiration and goals that you have set in your own life that hold significant meaning. The meaning of a star tattoos can also be dependent upon how many points the star has. Bearers of star tattoos don’t always have a meaning but instead could just be an attractive design that a person chooses to have on their body.

Celebrity Tattoos, Celebrity Tattoo Pictures & Tattoo Designs-blog posted a list of celebrities that have a star tattoo.

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  • jennismortal: Star tattoos are some of the most popular tattoos in both males and females. Some of them like the small twinkling stars tattoo look very feminine while others like the nautical stars are very masculine.
    People who chose star tattoos have different reasons. For some people, they only like the appearance of star tattoos on one particular part of their body. For others, they relate themselves or their lives to the meanings of star tattoos.
    One basic meaning of star tattoos is that the wearer wants to achieve something, like a goal, and the tattoo is a reminder that he should never give up to get what he wants. It shows the wearer’s determination to reach his goals.Another very basic meaning is the wearer’s interest in anything related to astronomy. The wearer must have been very interested in this subject that he wants other people to identify him as someone who likes to know about the heavens and heavenly bodies whenever they look at his tattoo.
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  • Tattoo Supplies Los Angeles: I have a good friend who has a star on his chest. He cannot tell me what it means, thought this might shed some light on it... I’m afraid it’s just a trendy move.
  • Felisha:

    I often jump to that conclusion when people say they have a personal meaning for a tattoo, it was just “trendy” at the time. A lot of people do have stars and only a couple of my friends can justify why to me. Not sure

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