Re: Can I Tattoo over my Port Wine stain?
Hello! My daughter is 16 yrs old and has a Port Wine birthmark thst runs the entire length of her left leg. Like you, she doesn't like to wear anything that shows her leg. She has had 4 or 5 laser ...
by Stacey
Re: Skin Tube in Nipple Piercing
Also, don't use too warm water when rinsing or washing the piercings.
by copper
Re: Cover birthmark
... then, I've attended the Toronto Tattoo Convention, watched a roommate go and return with a gorgeous water colour tattoo, ...
by Hopeful
Re: Swollen nipple
... ntibiotics about a week rc> ago for another problem. Any ideas? Whats the best way to treat it. saltwater soaks. ...
by chanderdevgun
New hole in my face.
Hi all - I just had my nostril pierced. It looks good, didn't hurt much (less than my hood, more than my lobes...similar to the tragus, but the pain was over quicker). I wanted it on the left, to ...
Re: Trepanation on 20/20 Downtown
Yep. That over the counter suppliment, crushed, fed to the freaked out person with a large glass of water really does the trick, though alot of people believe the effect is placebo
by UGeminorum
Re: Hole in tongue
hi there i just got my piercing 3 weeks ago this thursday and i have the same problem a little white ridge around the barbell in the top of my tongue. yes i am a bit worry. but i don't feel the ...
by FigoXXX
Re: Eyebrow ouchie-HELP!
D> 8 ounces of hot water. though a bit of a pain in the **** and difficult D> to do without spilling all over yourself, fill a cup and immerse the you can also half-soak a cotton ball. it's then ...
by sonofabaut
Re: Tongue aftercare
Listerine tends to hurt, and it has alcohol in it, and alcohol causes swelling. Salt water has always done wonders for me, all piercings. I did use a bit of a very mild mouthwash when I had my tongue ...
by pidgey
Re: Sharing Jewellery
Hi there To the experts in little beasties, germs and things suchlike... To set the scene- Dearest has pierced nipples (done about 4 years ago) & variously wears 14Ga gold BB & chains, 14Ga SSS CBR ...
by wayne mansfield
Re: Skin Tube in eyebrow piercing
... ut will close it. Be careful when turning it. Wash it and turn it carefully with soap. I heard salt water may help to speed up the recovery. Don't use water that are too hot. Check the related posts ...
by jade
Re: Too much of a good thing?
Or hop in the shower twice a day. When things get cranky, take a salt water bath. It's really not that hard
by chanderdevgun
Re: Butt cheek tat
... more while you work than my sister's feet flex when M> she dances). It's made to withstand flexing, water, etc. she never said what she ...
by laintal
Re: For Erik, et al
Same here, and I hate having water in my nose. I'm gonna get a neti! I'm gonna get a neti!
by woodcutter
Re: New Jewlery
... ust for show. .....but, considering the things people put in their mouth, 10 minutes in a 5% bleach/water solution should clean it far more than your mouth is used ...
by dacc00
Re: Got my Amp. in Austin
drink a lot of water, you'll find it's even better.
by mas_to
Re: Septum problems
M> I have tissue building up on both sides of the bottom hole and on the M> inside of the top hole of my industrial. I've tried soaking it more, M> soaking it less, leaving it alone, and 'abusing' ...
by Pierre Tessier
Re: Hey I did it!
... racin is overkill. redness is normal. 'burning' sounds a bit harsh, but i guess it is new. try salt water soaks, they're nice. (1/4tsp per 8oz water, in a shot glass/dixie cup, inverted over your ...
by Pierre
Re: Salt soak???
by Pierre Tessier
Re: I would value your opinions please
... ink might be the root of the problem) Try leaving them alone for a couple of weeks. Rinse them with water when you take a shower. And rinse them with a castille soap (or ...
by richard vinod
Re: Tattoo dream
Next time when you are in a pub, order a mineral water ;-) (funny dream though!) greets,
by Pierre Tessier

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