... want any regrets. my illustrator is rich ives. he is considered one of the top tatt artists in the world you can check out ...
by tattoofan
Re: Septum pinchers?
I sort of have that problem. It's really cold here, so my nose runs a lot ** Kellie 'The whole world is a playground, it's big and round, goes round and round.'
Hi, Im new here. Questions regarding labret healing and nesting
First off, hi! Ok, here's my situation. I got a labret piercing done about two and a half weeks ago. After about a few days I noticed that the back of the labret stud was starting to grow over a bit, ...
by Cosmic Osmo
Re: Self hood piercing?
Get a BME/World account! That's where I put all of my half-naked bodmod pictures! I would love to see pictures from your excursion, too.
by dacc00
Re: Whats your surname, lish?
Quite a nifty link, Amy... Although I don't know how in the world it came up with my Wu name :). ***skyelass*** aka The Dependable Skeleton
by adtramadol
Re: Barry Blanchard of Anatometal The Back Stabber
What do I think? I think that even though you apologized and have acknowledged your mistake, this was one of the most pathetic attempts to personally attack someone I have ever seen. What did you ...
by orionbad
Re: Daddy, whats that red stuff coming out of kittys ear??
I agree with the court's ruling in this case, and hope that the court imposes the maximum sentence. This is not a pro- or anti-bodyart issue, but a simple case of ignorant cruelty. While I hope that ...
by 01101001
NYC Piercer
Times Square area? Youd have an easy a time finding a good piercer in Disney World.
by FigoXXX
Re: Questions about Ear Piercing Stereotypes....
... g for some input, because my parents blew up, and basically made it seem like it was the end of the world. Naturally, I'm feeling guilty about it, because they're ...
by Lam
Re: Trepanation on 20/20 Downtown
If you haven't already pick up the Amok Journal Sensuround Edition edited by Stuart Swezey. I found it at a tower records. Aside from great conversation pieces like auto erotic fatalities, and ...
by Atko
Re: Piercing/tattooing in SC
enolA sends: If you don't want to deal with the Georgia tat studios, take I-26 North to I-95, then I-95 North to Fayetteville, NC, and visit Bill Claydon's Tattoo World or Smokin' Guns Tattooing. ...
by calzatiotu
Re: Off topic breakroom debate
#2 I would love to see how the world advances (or declines) over the years.
by Steve_crash
Re: Piercing in Charlotte, NC?(also a delurk)
Hey you moron...... Excuse me for being blunt but why in the world would you want to go to a studio that is not backed by the local Health Department..... ????? Is your health not an important issue ...
by Steve_crash
Re: WWF is on topic for rab :)
Lots of stuff about wrestling which confused me.....mainly due to me thinking the WWF was the World Wildlife Fund! Got it now :o)
by dominykas
Re: Suspension on Ripleys Believe it or Not show
Holly, that is Guinness World Records not Ripley's. Guinness aired last Sept. this is totally different.
by sonofabaut
Re: Happy Holidays! mean Feliz Navidad... Dontcha? didn't y'all move to Mexico to start a super cheap jewelry production plan........ err. That was someone else :)~ Happy Xmas. shawn.spc *'Is that a ...
by paulsonjack
Re: Anyone know?!??!
ahh, but it gives you an excuse to smoke, twice a day, everyday. ** Kellie 'The whole world is a playground, it's big and round, goes round and round.'
by Scott2
Re: Well, Im trying the Emu oil....
Tell us (or at least me!) how it turns out. And where can you buy something like emu oil? ** Kellie 'The whole world is a playground, it's big and round, goes round and round.'
by Atko
Re: Its weird
But uhm, this isn't just rab. The world was SO much better back when, uhm, my parents were young. Or their parents. Whoever. What scares me is that it was even better when I was young. And I still ...
by Steve_crash
Re: Americans
Back Then , Israel didn't exist. jews were spread all over the world (mainly europe : see 6 million pepole slaguhtered in war) you got it all wrong, pal . believe me that almost all the citizens of ...
by luanhak
Jem Munch
Ok, so hes not exactly a rabbit anymore, but i met Jemshaid this week. we met for coffee (he had oj) tues, and weds we went out for black bean pizza at Whole World on High Street in Cols. good stuff. ...
by wayne mansfield
Re: Egyptian hieroglyphs
Hieroglyphics try that. not the best site in the world, but it'll get you started. i also recommend the library. and do searches under ancient alphabets too. if you do that search
by laintal
... organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are dedicated to promoting culture in Las Vegas and the world. All articles will be considered. Thanks in advance! ...
by saintdark
Show your artwork
I've spent the time, money and blood to get that killer tattoo now let the world see it:
by globular
Yin Yang tattoos
... be how seemingly opposing forces are bound together, intertwined, and interdependent in the natural world, giving rise to each other in turn. The relationship between yin and yang is often described ...
by Ann
Some People Are Just Crazy!
... it would be appropriate to stop and face the problem by something more than shouting it out to the ...
by Ann

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